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Well it is the end of September almost! I still am having trouble with the oral surgery but I am sure I will be better as time goes. The problem is I have been so tired with the different antibiotics that I do not have the soap supply where I want it and am starting to get the craft people buying for their shows.

My parents live in Northern California. We grew up in Southern California but my husband and I left 25 years ago and have only been back for visits. 5 years ago we were moving from Northern Ill. to OK. so my husband could take a job that doesn't move us around the world anymore and I could put the kids in college plus my parents said they wanted to live by me. So...we bought a ranch and an extra lot attached to the ranch so my parents could build on. Well they didn't like OK and went up to the mountains of California. They built their dream house and tell everyone in the world how lucky they are.

Now it gets good!!!! They call and say we sold our house and will be moving in with you until we find out where we want to live. How about Branson area. They have never been to Branson!! So in a few weeks I will have my parents an extra 18 thousand pounds of furniture a dog that is 14 years old that they think is an actual human child. I NEED HELP. I am begging Real Estate agents to find me an empty house in the Branson area. What if they do not like the area? They are not calming people so I am worried that they will go nuts here and want to get their home back in CA. I hope they're doing the right thing, they seem like children any more and I do love them but how do you tell them what to do? I sure hope they prayed before selling their home!

My bottle calf is about 275 pounds. I still give her a bottle because she cries until she gets it. Diane didn't you tell me you loaded a calf that butcher out to 700 pounds on to your trailer with a bottle. I think this one will be just the same.

I am hoping to get another cutting because we received quite a bit of rain and then sunshine. I would like to do this one into square bales for the horses. I really do not like the round bale out there for the horses.

I hope all is okay with you all, and I hope the story with my parents didn't make anyone think I do not love them, I do and they can stay with me forever, I am worry about them mentally for what they did!

Debbie at Bountiful

-- Anonymous, September 24, 2003

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