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i am an ame member over forty years. my question is why when are suppose to be about god's business , and we are playing politics over half of the time ? is it really necessary when are we suppose to working for soul salvations ? i worked in my church as a lay person and i try let my religion be seen on the opoutside . i got interested in learning more about the structure of the ame and started attended annual conferences ,meetings of the ame church and of course i saw the politics working in action and could not believe that it was happening in right in front of me. of course it sadden me and i stop my activites in the church , but i did not stop attending church ,i paid my tithes and offerings , but i did not participate in the local again . i again want to start being a active member , i hestitant because i was annual conference again and the politics is still there but i think i am a stronger christian now and can handle the politics or the lack of recogintion due to the worker who actually do the work.

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2003


Please consider whom you are working for, the Lord Jesus Christ. Do not strive for earthly rewards from men. To see souls saved is reward enough. Plant seeds, witness at every opportunity. Go about doing good in the local community (Church). The worship experience is there to recharge your batteries and learn, then it is back to the fields white with harvest. The Conferences are about reporting the results. Don't strive for recognition, God sees and knows all. Be Encouraged and Blessed Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2003

Ms. King, that is something that we refuse to address. The reason for the politics in our church is that we ARE also running a business. Because there are so many people on paid staff of the AME church, politics is a necessary beast. You will find that many of the ministers on this board refuse to say that our church is also a business or corporation. Anytime a pastor, presiding elder, bishop, general staff, etc receive salary, retirement, and benefits we ARE running a business. Therefore as unfortunate or fortunate as it may be, politics are involved.

-- Anonymous, September 24, 2003

I would be interested what American christians think about poverty. If they thought there was a god then surely they would want eveyone to have an equal right to live. They would then want the US government to get rid of trade plicys wich keep third world countrys in poverty. If people say that America is doing good things then they should consider that America has the power to lift millions of people out of poverty. One such way would of been to spend the billions spent on invading Iraq, to improving infastructure for poor countrys. This would however mean America couldnt be so greedy

-- Anonymous, September 29, 2003

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