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I am scheduled for bilateral (both hips at the same time) hip replacement on Oct. 7. I just turned 55 years old. I have made this decision based on the fact that both of my hips are shot (25 years of organized football, college and semi pro and 10 years of professional auto racing complete with a couple of major accidents). Even after all this trauma I have never spent a night in the hospital. I based the decision to do both at the same time because of good overall health and having to go through only one surgery event, one anesthesia one hospital stay and one rehab vs. 2 of everything. I am to receive Wright Medical mfd. ceramic on ceramic implants. My doc, who comes highly recommended, claims I'll be back playing golf in 6 weeks. I'd like some info from anyone else who has had 2 at a time and any surgeons who have performed this double procedure. What can I look forward to as far as healing and rehab? Potential problems? Thanks to all. Mike McFarland, Milwaukeek, Wisconsin

-- mike mcfarland (, September 23, 2003


I am now in your position, requiring bilateral hip replacement and would be interested to hear how you got on. Like you I am fairly active and would like to think previous activities are still possible. I am scheduled for an op in February.

-- cynthia young (, December 27, 2003.

I am 32 yrs old and had both replaced. I am 7 weeks out of surgery and could not imagine playing golf right know . I had the surgery at Hospital of Special Surgery in N.Y. I am curious to hear how you are doing , hope all is well. I am on schedule with my doctors expectations , if anything he says I am alittle stiff. I also have ceramic hips. My hips are not implanted with bone cement are yours ? Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

-- cary schwinn (, January 01, 2004.

Well, I had the two hips put in on Feb 24 and aside from what I'd have to call a rather crappy hospital stay (Tues in Fri. out) everything has been a total success. I'm now two weeks past surgery and can walk reasonably well with minor help from crutches. I've been off the pain meds for over a week and am even doing some work from home already.

If I can offer any advice to any of you out there who are contemplating bilateral hip replacements...just do it. I know now it was the absolute right decision for me. One hospital stay, one anesthesia and one rehab (that's going fabulously at this point). Pain was almost nonexistant and the worst thing about it was the anticipation and anxiety leading up to the surgery. If anybody wants additional info, feel free to email me and I'll answer. I now have a new lease on life and plan on having more fun than I deserve this summer! Mike McFarland

-- mike mcfarland (, March 08, 2004.

I was just going to write and say my boyfriend is 31 and had a bilateral hip replacement on March 16th at Presby Dallas.His doctor was WONDERFUL the staff was Wonderful. He is doing terrific. They had him up and walking the very next morning. I dont think that if he had done them seperately it would be the same. The pain is there the first day you walk but its an uphill climb from there. He is noe in the rehab facility for 3 more days and then home. I am glad to see him walk without a limp and we will be able to enjoy playng with our kids, riding bikes, and otherthings he could not do before this life changing event. Kristi

-- kristi norfleet (, March 19, 2004.

I am 55 and on March 29, 2004 I had bilateral hip replacement at Presbyterian hospital in Plano. I must agree with another respondent and say that the Hospital and the entire staff where just wonderful. This was my first major surgery as well. My friends told me that I didn't need hip replacement but rather needed to have my head examined for even thinking about doing both hips at the same time. My surgeon, Dr Emerson told me that he believed that doing both hips together made the most sense since both hips seemed equally damaged, and that if I did one side that I would probably be back in 6-8 months having to do the second side any way. Well Monday 4/26/04 will be 4 weeks since my surgery. I am not running any marathons yet but all of the excruciating constant pain that I endured for almost a year prior to the surgey is gone. I am no longer taking any pain meds and although I know I still have a long way to go I am really looking forward to being able to enjoy my next cruise with my wife and be able to take some shore excursions and walk up and down the stairs cane free and pain free. I know that I don't have a lot of post surgey experience yet but so far so good. I am really glad that I took my surgeons advice and had both hips done at the same time. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck on your surgery.

-- Sam Friedman (, April 21, 2004.

I have been debating whether to get one or both hips replaced, but after reading the e-mails to Mike Mcfarland I have decided to get both hips replaced. It makes sense to recuperate from the two as opposed to the one. I was greatly encouraged by the e-mails I've read.

-- Ruth M Wilson (, April 26, 2004.

Mate, I don't know about playing golf...........I am on my second revision with both. I am 53 years old, as you, led a very active sporting life...........I was a school teacher, now retired (ill health) I lead a normal active life considerring the circumstances. Love to hear from ya mate........... Stevo

-- Stephen Salo (, May 25, 2004.

Hi. My name is Joan. I'm 41 years young. I knew it was time to go to the doctor when my hips kept "locking" when I went to get up.. and the pain has been constant. I have 3 children and find myself doing less and less activity.. I went to a specialist in Orlando (Celebration) and was told I've lost almost an inch of my height and both hips are pretty bad. I've scheduled the surgery for 1 hip for July 29th... and I'm very nervous about it, although at the same time excited about not being in constant pain. I haven't been able to sit cross-legged since my early teens, and the limping is ridiculous... Are there any draw-backs to this surgery? It was suggested I have 1 done now, the other hip in 3 months. Also, this doctors incision is 3".. which sounds better than 8. Would love to hear from anyone around my age to let me know... will I be able to do everything I want to do? send me some encouragement... I could use it : ) Joan

-- Joan (, May 27, 2004.

Joan, the most difficult time of all as someone said before is the waiting. I had one hip done on 4/20 and went through 5 weeks of physical therapy and had the 2nd one done on 5/28 and I'm doing really well. I think that all the physical therapy helped me with the 2nd one. Pain is really minimal, it's only been a week and half since my surgery and I'm off all pain meds and getting around fine. Sometimes I feel a little soar but that's it. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Good luck.

-- LEONOR RAV (LEONOR606@AOL.COM), June 07, 2004.

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