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My wife (a resturaunt manager) was recently terminated. Please bare with me this is a bit complicated. On last tuesday her Market Leader came into the unit and asked her to pull the drawer of an employee they susspected of theft. She pulled the drawer and it was $89.00 over. He asked Sandy (my wife) how long this has been going on and she stated for weeks she has been trying to get rid of the employee but the GM would not let her. He asked if there was anything else going on, and not to lie about it or she would be terminated. She told him yes that the GM was covering the losses to the unit by taking money from the safe to make the drawers right. And that there were several employees (5) including my wife accusing a male server of sexual harrasment. And that she informed the GM about the complaints, and that nothing was done about it. They terminated the cashier. The next day he returned and terminated Sandy, his official reason was poor job performance based on what he had seen the previous day. Now here's where it get's real fishy. The GM is on probation for aggervated assult. He is roomate to the server who is accused of the sexual harrasment. He has been covering up loses to the unit. Oddly enough they bring another male GM who has been demoted because of a DUI to replace Sandy. And to top it all off they re-hired the cashier who had beed terminated for theft. So Sandy who has absolutly no written or verbal counselings on anything, much less her performance, get's terminated. Even tho her performance was fine less than three months ago when she recieved her last raise. Here is what I believe, She was terminated to open a position for the demoted male GM, and or because of whistleblowing and for bringing to light/working with the other servers with the sexual harrasment claim. btw Al is an "at will" state. Is it just me or does there appear to be more to this than just "poor job performance". And if so what action should we take? Your time is greatly appreciated, Joey Worthing

-- Joey Worthing (, September 23, 2003

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