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If we elect four (4) African Bishops and enough US Bishops to keep the number of US bishops at the current level, assuming the US Bishops will not serve in Africa, where will they serve? This seems to yield a surplus of bishops. Along those same lines, will we allow Arican Bishops to serve in the US?

Be Blessed

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2003


Rev. Paris

Check for what emerged from the previous executive committee meeting of the AJC on the question relating to "US" Bishops serving in Africa. The report is given by the Chairperson of the AJC, Bishop A. Jefferson Richardson, who chaired the meeting and reflects on issues which emerged from there.

Of course, the report will let you know that we are proposing redistricting and, taking it into account, if approved by the General Conference, there won't be a surplus.

It is our prayer that none of us will design "no-go areas." It is urgent that we do have "African" Bishops on the bench. It does not mean that the "US" Bishops have not done enough for Church on the continent. The truth is, they did tremendous work to bring us to where we are. The potential for more is there and to reach out to more needs a strategy review that takes issues of language and culture on board. More important, to tell it to the world the Africans too have what it takes to give leadership.

Pray with us, we need your prayers. Share whatever is at your disposal to advance African Methodism, even in Africa. While you do that, we, too, take notice of your concerns about the Church and encourage you not to give up the heritage we have - to find answers by digging into our own wells.

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2003

The silence is deafening! Saints, God has not given us the spirit of fear.

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2003

I think that it should not matter where they serve. when you see all these canidates talking about they want to serve the church. the church is world wide. We have to stop this segregation with in our churches. If we elect who ever they should have the same rights as who ever. thats why our church is dying on the vine because we are so concerned about us and our space and what i'm going to get but we don't pray and seek the face of the lord on who shall lead us. we listen to our bishops who done got paid to tell us who to vote for. we corrupt them as candidates and then when they get elected we expect them to be holy. we need to elect those truly called by God and not by them selves.

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2003

Parson Paris -

Since joining this Dissussion Board in 1999 I have been unequivocal that the size of the Bench should be REDUCED! The current size of our Connectional Budget is grossly inadequate to support the current size of the Bench. This sentiment is not just shared by me but others within our Zion as well. The problem from where I sit is that a majority of our clergy and lay prefer the status quo (19 Bishops). Supporters of the status quo essentially accept a form of fuzzy math by concluding that 8 retiring Bishops warrant replacing all slots. The fiscal reality seems to be lost, misunderstood or rejected by the proponents. It simply doesn't matter whether a Bishop is serving in the continental US or overseas, unless we address the matter about reveune shortfalls all of the talk about Bishops here and Bishops there means absolutely squat. QED

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2003

I am sick and tired of us acting like we are not an itinerant church. Being a product of the parsonage, I know what itinerant means. I was recently told that a pastor told his/her bishop that he/she could not go to a church on the same Presiding Elder's District because it was simply too far for him/her to drive.

What is with this new idea that we cannot be moved from church to church, from Conference to Conference or even Episcopal District to Episcopal District? What spirit is breeding it?

The commandment of Jesus is "Go ye into all the world." If we take our calling seriously both of clergy and lay, it won't matter how far we must travel or the distance we must go. Nor where our calling leads us or to what region we are sent. We would gladly learn the lifestyle, the culture and the language of the people whom we serve.

We need to "get out of the kitchen if we can't stand the heat"!

As I see it our most pressing issue is to eliminate the also-rans. Bishops should be elected from ANY and serve in ANY Episcopal District. We need to elect persons who will faithfully and truly serve our church. Their name and where they come from should not matter at all. The only concern should be what is best for the benefit of ALL. And yes, this includes consideration of candidates from the Continent of Africa, London, England, Canada, Bermuda, the Caribbean, and South America as Well.

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2003

Bros. Dickens and Matthews, I cannot say AMEN loud enough in response to your comments.

While I defend the right of someone to make any suggestion, the AJC is way out of line in even thinking about ADDING three additional bishops when we have problems supporting what we have. Not to mention support at 1/2 salary of retired bishops. We had better look at how to hold the line.

"Itinerancy" - What's dat? One problem the PE's and Bishops have is that a for a pastor to be moved, s/he must be moved to an equivalent or better charge and when one is already in the "better" charges, they don't have many or any options. This is certainly discouraging to the up and comers among us.

We did have one rather young pastor recently jump the pack, so to speak and quickly received a larger charge when an opening occurred, but he was an exception in that he actually left a lucrative law profession - yes he's was is a licensed attorney - to become a full time pastor. And he comes from a line [late grandfather, uncle] of AME clergy. but he is also VERY GOOD.

We have some others who have held the same pulpit for 20+ years with no appreciable congregational growth.

Oh well. Off of the soapbox for a while.

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2003

A novice AME, my other half has spent her entire life in the congregation. Let me say this; If you want to survive, you must come into the 21st century. I always ask the question - when we are out, why do we always meet so many folks who use to to be AMEs. Leadership must also be able to admninister as well as preach or make provisions to insure that the church is properly administered. But most importantly, we have to keep the youth! Without them and a vision for the future, we are doomed.

-- Anonymous, September 27, 2003

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