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Hi everybody. This nice lady in Iowa wrote me to ask if I knew anything about this medal she inherited from her aunt. It seems to be an original 1851 Vigilance Committee medal, badge, or seal of some kind, but even if it's a reproduction, it's interesting. Apparently, her aunt lived in SF for a spell about 30 years ago, and while here, traded someone an antique rocking chair for it (sounds like a good deal to me). The current owner is wondering about its history and value but didn't know anything at all about the VC before writing to me. I've directed her toward some books and websites that have general history on SF and the VC, but have found very few references to medals or other regalia associated with the VC. Does anyone happen to know anything about this, or can you direct me to anyone who might? I'd appreciate it. Plus, I just thought you might like to see the photos. If so, write and tell me and I'll forward them to you.

Thanks Trixie

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> From: "Sally Berinobis" > Date: Thu Sep 18, 2003 5:09:34 AM US/Pacific > To: "Trixie" > > Subject: Fw: Picture 010;Picture 002;Picture 003;Picture 004;Picture > 005;Picture 006;Picture > > I told you the medal was 3 inches in diameter, in fact it is 21/2 > inches. I took it to a jeweler and he said it is made of a lead based > potmetal. He also said it is very old. Thank you for your interest. > Sally

-- Trixie Dare (tricialu@earthlink.net), September 19, 2003


It is almost certainly a fake. A common fake is all engraved rather than die struck (like a coin). There is a genuine specimen in the Wells Fargo museum downtown. The real ones are quite rare and valuable. Send me picture if you have one and I will give you an opinion.

-- Michael (mf_wehner@yahoo.com), May 27, 2004.

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