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Hi all, Ive been using Canon Rebel Ti 300 for past 1 year with 19-35 mm wide angle lens, 28-90 mm standard lens and 70-300mm zoom lens.This was my preliminary camera. Now i wud like to get into some serious photographic machine. I ve thought of going for Canon EOS-33. Can anyone suggest me anything on this camera or any other option that i can think of.

thanks, JAY B

-- jay B (, September 19, 2003


Hello dude,

It seems that u have just started photography.Well for a starter, I think it is the right choice,u can start with Canon EOS-33,but the only thing is that u should read the manual carefully coz I have had friends who could not use it operationally well.If u have any doubts about the usuge feel free to ask me.I gives me immense pleasure to see budding photographers grooming up.Should religously use it for at least 2 monts & then we can move ahead from their.


-- Lalit (, October 13, 2003.

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