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Is it dead? Breathing? What? I get so many conflicting reports...

-- cowgirl (, September 18, 2003

Answers has been informed by an inside source that the live action version of MTV's popular Aeon Flux has been pulled. No info as to why or if it will ever resurface.

-- Doug Kerr (, September 18, 2003.


-- nomad (, September 22, 2003.


-- nomad (, September 22, 2003.

I hear that the movie is still a go, and that it will be done in Vancouver, How do I know you ask well I work in the movie industry, sorry but that's all that I can say!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Crystal Wilson (, November 06, 2003.

why can't u explain urself, thats like saying i'm Cindy Crawford

-- Radest Awesome Gurl on the Frickin Earth (, November 24, 2003.

Maybe she is...

-- Mat Rebholz (, November 25, 2003.

Thanks for the shot of wishful optimism, Crystal, but if anyone legitimately in the industry knew for sure that the project was back on, it would be all over the online movie press. The fact of the matter is simply that Aeon Flux is a film property cared about more by the fans than the studios. Those of us that enjoyed the show and the characters are much more gung ho to make the movie than its actual "owners" are. Trust me... I've written my own treatment. All I need now is any kind of actual power in the business....

-- Robert Howard (, December 06, 2003.

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