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Of course the abc is prohibited by an act of Parliment from having any part in form of Advertising...

Their are orchestrated wails of shock and horror at the very thought of it

But this has never stopped the ABC from broacasting an endless barrage of exclusive tax payer funded self promotion for some favoured bookshops.,'s own!

Wherever you are in Australia you are not far and only minutes away from and ABC Station and their their frequent and sometimes tiresome Advertising Spots

Payola? of course not ...but in fact the ABC is also not shy of giving lots of prime time airplay for its own record label. Pity if you are an artist on Bullamakanka records or some record label not owned bvy them... Dymocks, Angus and Robertsons..even your local Newsagent cant buy advertising in the amount of the millions splurged on ABC stations. And neither could the ABC bookshops either if the ABC charged itself a true cost of the spots.

But.. Advertising is NOT ALLOWED is it on the ABC,,,, ?????

Is the ABC an effective marketing organisation in getting a message out to thecommunity? Is it allowed to engage in Advertising or Marketing and promotion?

Well.,.certainly one of the most succesful australia wide promotions has been for their own cause... of course!

Does Your ABC cost you 7c a day?

Simply divide one billion dollars by 2 million,then by 365 For true answer...then get ready for a shock

Why should 90 percent of Australians be slugged one billion follars a year for just ten percent of the population..,.. Thats all the ABC reaches

And is that 10 percenty wanting to hear jokes on CNNN on ABCTV] about Sept 11 and the 88 Australians who died at Bali ?

I say the government could well use the SBS,Community and Commercial media to get us away from these horrible people

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2003


Keitha, you are obviously not a friend of the ABC, so why are you contributing to the Friends of the ABC website?

Furthermore, you can't add up. The ABC budget is approximately $740 million. The population of Australia is approximatley $20 million. Thus, the ABC costs each person in Australia about ten cents a day, or $37 a year.

$37 is less than the cost of four movie tickets, and is less than a tenth the cost of pay TV.

The ABC provides a much cheaper service than the commercial television networks, mainly because it does not have to pay for the cost of making expensive television advertisements.

Your statement that only 10% of Australians benefit from the ABC is a lie, given that the latest Newspoll on how people view the ABC indicates that 89% of Australians think that the ABC provides a valuable service.

Apparently, Keith you are speaking for the 11% of people who do not value the ABC.

-- Anonymous, September 16, 2003

Also, if the ABC was properly funded by the government then it would not have to have so many promotions.

-- Anonymous, September 16, 2003

Tom ,pleaser understand that the CNNN sep 11 excess concerning those last phone calls is just shocking

You obviously have taken care with your reply. thank you ..but the barbarians are well inside the gates, and some do hold key management positions

Do they have any friends?

I am not alone and think that it is time for a rethink and an abc refocused on the act. An end to commercialism keitha


I am one of the 90 percent paying a billion dollars a year just so ten per cent of the population can watch Sept 11 being laughed about on cNNN on the ABC

the Holocaust the Week before

Sept 11 this week

Bali next week????

ABC management has lost control

not even the bbc would go that far



Imagine what the saleprice of the following useless ABC inventory would realise

and what the yearly saving would be!

This Money saved ($ 800 Million a Year)

Could be used for defense, developing water resources and the north, education ,maintaining welfare and medicare foreign aid Papua is &300 million a year) Some of the money could be used to fund the establishment of "Australia On Air" a program development company to produce former abc tv programsand place them on commercial sbs and community tv to reach a much wider audience than before


ABC Television

Metro radio in Sydney,Melbourne,Hobart,Adelaide,Perth

Triple J


The Core of the ABC would then be

Radio National

rural radio


ABC Shops and Orchestra


This would return the ABC to an honest compliance of the act


-- Anonymous, September 16, 2003

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