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what period of time did poe write in, what was going on during it?? did this impact his writing????

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2003


See www.eapoe.org

Brief answers: Period during which he wrote: Publication of 1st collection of poems: 1827 He probably began writing in his early teens (abt. 1822), & wrote until his death in 1849.

Events that impacted writing---personal: Deaths of people he loved, at early age---lost parents at 2, lost foster mom at 20. Wife died when she was 24 (as his mom had). Hence the themes of "mournful and never-ending remembrance."

Partial explanation for themes of pride and revenge: (1)Being disowned by his foster father, early 20's. (2) The fact that Poe was sometimes passed over, in terms of recognition & $, in favor of lesser, long-forgotten authors.

Events that impacted writing---his era: Poe was extremely interested in the scientific & technological discoveries of his day. He wrote futuristic tales [pre-sci-fi] re. flights to the moon, air travel, transatlantic cable, etc. His stories were so convincingly written, that some of them wound up in scientic journals as fact.

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2003

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