what audience did poe write for??

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who did edgar allen poe write for?? well-read adults, romantics, people who could change hte world, etc...????

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2003


Published in popular literary journals for any educated Americans whose eruditon and taste was more European and deep than you might imagine. Women of course were very numerous fans of both Poe and the literary world, even of the Gothic tales. From this base Poe wrote up at the American literary scene, the higher circles of Boston and New York and circulated among many writers especially in the south of Baltimore and Richmond. Scoentific and intellectual progress was very important. His influence from Jeremiah Reynolds, a South Seas explorer, who inspired his novel and shared some of Poe's scientific interests typifies that. Otherwise he was very apolitical, preferring wholly the realm of the American literary culture.

-- Anonymous, September 16, 2003

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