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Was Maimonides Hospital ever built? What did it become? It was designed by architect Erich Mendelsohn and purportedly built around 1948, according to a display in the design and architecture section of SF MOMA.

-- Sean Dineen (, September 14, 2003


The Maimonides Hospital opened around 1950 and was around to at least 1962. It was located at 2356 Sutter Street and is now part of Mt Zion Hospital.

Good luck in your research.

-- Kurt Iversen (, October 12, 2003.

Well, I was an intern in Maimonides in 1961 at 1498? 10th avenue and then completed my residencey there, in medicine , after finishing my army obligation in 1963, was chief resident and then Head of Endocrinology leaving for Israel in 1972. Wonderful experience, wonderful full time staff and house staff. Was married while in Maimo and my wife and myself have only wonderful memories. If you want first hand memories, would be delighted to communicate. Dr Grob was our chied of Medicine and Dr. Horwitz chief of surgery then in 1961. As an intern I slept in the staff room across the street and was on duty ever other night and then as a resident every third night. I do not think I have ever caught up on the sleep deprivation of those years, but it was great. Jonas Sterling with EKG, Manny Levin head of Radiology, the great Dr. Dressler may he rest in peace and others and others. Of course Dr Grob is my role model from all the staff and Dr Namba was my mentor during a year of fellow ship taken with him when Dr. Grob was away during a sabbatical. It was from there where my path continued to endocrinology and on to Israel. Time flies but sweet memories will never be obliterated. SIncerely Prof.MMS (emeritus)

-- Prof M.S.Shapiro (, May 15, 2004.

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