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Hey people -haven't talked to you guys in a long time! Just wanted to say that I saw Matriculated. And then I watched it again and again. I still don't think I understand it completely, but on a purely superficial level I liked it a lot. I knew the short was by Peter when they plugged that cable into the female character and she moans, as if it's the sexual act. Haha. That's classic -reminded me of Fon. I liked the Animatrix monkey too. I don't understand why he seems to have a tummy-ache when he's in the imagination-matrix.

I also liked the arena scene with the various robot models in their fighting modes. I was kind of impressed that the two runners didn't cooperate to take down the bigger one. I thought that was kind of implying that the runners had personalities, that because one showed restraint, he survived and won. I guess he was the "smarter" one; I liked this particular robot because he's not as gutsy as the other robots. The ending was sad.

The ending for all the Animatrix shorts were pretty depressing, actually... :(

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-- cynical (, September 12, 2003


Hey Cyn.

I think that the monkey serves as a sort of comparison for the runner. It ran off with a stomach ache, then ended up with Alexa, with its stomach ache gone. Perhaps this is meant to add to the Runners perception of her as a means to relief and happiness.

-- Sam (, September 13, 2003.

may be this will work

-- Paul (, September 13, 2003.

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-- Sam (, September 13, 2003.

And the clickthrough to eBay makes him/her money. Don't click the link above!

I'm waiting for real news on why AF: Live Action, the film, was killed. Most on this board were hoping this would happen... being from Philadelphia, and knowing how fandom works in the worst sense, I'm pretty sure we'll be hearing about what a tragedy this was in a few more weeks.

over and out...


-- FlipperPA (, September 18, 2003.


I recently rediscovered this word. Like all other words and ideas, it objectifies the people(s) it depicts. Thus, it too is (c)overtly pornographic.

I've come to the even more recent conclusion that Aeon Flux serves as a reminder that Transhumanism always ends with a certain level of futility. Grand quests to attain higher heights always meet with an unexpected glass ceiling; that's the nature of Transhumanism.

It is imperfect because it seeks perfection which is, on the contrary, not to be defined as being a state of flawlessness. Although some are unaware that their actions amount to a strive for perfection, Transhumanists fall prey to their own inventions, both literally and figuratively in time. The trick is to see and know this cycle before being dissolved by it or swallowed whole by its guaranteed irrelevancy.

Perfection is an oxymoron.

Anything in a state of perfection is inherently imperfect. The quest for perfection is ironically directly at odds with the quest for meaningful, peaceful, survival. This will make sense again, not by prediction nor predilection nor determination, but by PREdertermination.

Even these insights themselves are eclipsed by the density of their interacting effects now mentally redigested.

Knowledge is power, but information is never what it was when you thought you needed it most. No?

A system that survives is one that is fault-tolerant, hence imperfect. There are limits to improvements, including even the most spectacular of advancements.

There are pursuits to enhance the mind, the body, the city, the state, and the human species as a whole. All of these pursuits are reckless, even in their safest, most proficient incarnations. They are reckless not by their means, but by their ends.

That is the biology of physics, and and the physics of biology.

This, I believe, is what the Aeon Flux relentlessly presents to us again and again.

-- Day Of Brahma (, November 16, 2004.

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