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Sep. 11, 2003

The content of the CNNN program on ABC TV concerning Sept 11 would cost as commercial station its licence not even the bbc would go that far

its very sad


aaamatilda Advanced Member

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9:02 pm on Sep. 11, 2003 Frank king Advanced Member

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8:46 pm on Sep. 12, 2003

In parliamentry debate this week, the Labor members of parliament have expressed horror at the rumours that the ABC will be separated from the public purse teat, and privatised. But why not? Any reasonable person would know full well that the ABC is just a free advertising medium for Chattering Class people. Who evidently comprise about 10% of the total listening audience. And costs AUSSIE TAXPAYERS 1 BILLION DOLLARS per annum.

What is wrong with privatising them? They have the potential to get heaps of sponsors like The Rainbow Boys Federation, El Jasira TV, etc. What are they frightened of?

Tax money should only be spent on those essential to society areas, where private enterprise is not interested, because they cannot make enough profit. A properly run, privatised Chatterer ABC is certainly not in this area. It MUST be privatised, on MONDAY.

aaamatilda Advanced Member

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9:03 pm on Sep. 12, 2003

I am one of the 90 percent paying a billion dollars a year just so ten per cent of the population can watch Sept 11 being laughed about on cNNN on the ABC

the Holocaust the Week before

Sept 11 this week

Bali next week????

ABC management has lost control


-- Anonymous, September 12, 2003


Your'e not alone there keitha! It's about time this taxpayer funded fraud was brought to account!

-- Anonymous, September 13, 2003

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