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I am brand new to DCC and Unitrack, so please bear with me if this sounds too elementary. I am building a 4x8 N scale layout with Unitrack and the Digitrax SEB. I have included about 6 Unitrack 2 7/16" feeder tracks ion the layout (yes I know I will add more). The Kato leads are blue and white. My track bus wiring, per NMRA standards, is red/black. Does it make a difference if white goes to red or vice versa, as long as they are all the same? In other words, is the white lead on the Kato feeder the right or left rail in the direction of travel, or does it really matter? Thanks.

Ron in Sacramento

-- Ron Petrich (ronpetrich@yahoo.com), September 12, 2003


The color of wire does not matter, the important factor is to insure you are not connecting both power wires to the same rail. For example lets call the rails A and B and the power bus PA and PB - make sure that you do not run a wire from PA to B or PB to A, regardless of the color of the feeder wires. I am not familiar with Unitrack, but I expect that it is possible to reverse the "feeder tracks" so you can control which rail is A and which rail is B.

-- Charles Lewis (cslewis1@comcast.net), September 12, 2003.

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