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Wonderful Days is so good that I cannot even begin to appeciate all the aspects of it that make it a beautiful production. If only it would be on big screens anywhere around here soon...

-- Attrox (, September 11, 2003


Also, this is for Peter...

Are the similarities between character design aspects in Wonderful Days and Aeon Flux evidence of specifically Korean animation styles influencing your designs when you did AF, or perhaps your designs in Aeon Flux influencing Korean animators? I ask because while I am not familiar with a lot of other Korean animation, I realize there may be some crossover of animators between this project and Aeon Flux (you also said you know/are good friends with a lot of them), and the similarities are very evident, which invoked my curiosity. Thanks!

-- Attrox (, September 11, 2003.

Oh, and as stupid as it sounds... They move the same. I only even say it because I watch a lot of animation - mostly American and Japanese, and in some scenes it's just really easy to see that the characters move the same in Wonderful Days and Aeon Flux.

-- Attrox (, September 11, 2003.

Come on, did nobody else see this yet? If not, I really think you should. The animation/cg/real film mix is very very cool. The plot is ehhhhhhh but I try to ignore that factor and just appreciate how good it all looks- and it does look good.

-- Attrox (, September 16, 2003.

Is this on DVD someplace? I'd love to see it.

-- Mat Rebholz (, September 16, 2003.

I was just about to ask... Attrox, where do you find this? Import DVD shops?

Methinks a trip to Koreatown is in order...

-- Inu (, September 16, 2003. or unfortunately DVD Region Code is 3.

-- Yuri Pragin (, September 17, 2003.

Ok, short and sweet: I was really looking forward to this movie, but it turned out to be underwhelming. The animation and design is gorgeous, but the story is a bit lacking, no real oomph. The romance angle reminds me a lot macross plus. One major gripe: the way they incorporate the dave matthews knock off music into the movie is VERY cheesey. But I'll still buy the DVD when it comes out.

-- austin (, September 18, 2003.

i believe there are region free DVD versions on eBay.

-- Owen Black (, October 02, 2003.

Wonderful days was really beautifully done. I was amazed at just how gorgeous it could be, and the revelation made at the end of the movie was incredible. I'd have liked more connection between the various parts- especially the dream sequence, which seemed out of place on the second watching.

Otherwise- wow, that was some of the best animation I've ever seen. Sections of that movie just seemed too beautiful for words.


-- skye (, October 14, 2003.

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