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how do you convert a quick time video file so you can burne it to cd ive got nero6 but all i get is unsuported file . any help or tips tnx alan

-- alan (airgunner.177@fsmail.net), September 11, 2003


First, install QuickTime to get the codec on your system.

Then, download mov2avi



to convert it into an AVI-File.

Afterwards, you can create a VCD with Nero or similar programs.

Alternatively, it's possible to use TMPEGEnc. This program also allows you, to fit the avi-file into VCD-resolution --> 352x240 @ 29,97 frames per second for NTSC / 352x288 @ 25 frames per second for PAL.

Have fun.

-- Garfield (garfield98@web.de), September 11, 2003.

Try Radtool !

-- Shooting (WaterGun@hotmail.com), September 12, 2003.

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