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I was searching the web for random Aeon Flux stuff (as usual), when I came accross this

I don't know if someone has already posted something about this, but it appears that an Aeon Flux game was (or is) in development. This is not the playstation version that was scrapped either, it says that it uses the "unreal" engine, and the graphics look quite impressive. Does anybody know if this game has ALSO been scrapped, or what? Just wanted to point this out, as I have not seen another post about this game on this site.

Oh yes, there is a bunch of gibberish at the top of this page, just scroll down a bit to see the pics.

-- Max W (, September 09, 2003


Peter could probably tell you exactly what that was, but as I recall that was for the release of the game. I have seen simular pictures with that engine, but sadly it never came to be.

-- tom (, September 09, 2003.

Sadly, Collective Studios had to drop the game a few years back. After waiting for such a long time for updates I finally contacted them in 1999 to receive the dissapointing news. I guess all we can do is use our Aeon Skins in Quake and Unreal for the closest comparrison. Maybe one day...

-- Douglas Kerr (, September 10, 2003.

What a sad fact that games with FINE potential such as projects like this never seem to make it. Obviously the gaming industry hasn't learned what almost happened in the mid-80's with the videogame industry dropping to its knees almost being wiped off the face of the planet. Luckily Japan moved in with its creativity. And then we have "projects in developement" such as, what was "Aeon Flux" as well as Trilunar's "DragonKind" (a game by Joe Mad!) to be exact.

Yes great games in the works like these always get scrapped. Why you ask? Because dim-witted publishers (unfortunately on American soil) care more about making the quick buck and come out with CRAP games like "Enter the Matrix" and "AquaMan". Oh there are plenty more crappy ass games that are on it's way. However, whenever there is something too good going on, especially when it is created in America, those companies seem to be too overwhelmed by it and it scares them. Therefore, they crap in their pants and call for mommy to change their undie-pants for them. Once they are fresh and clean again, they continue to publish and invest in more crappy games. Oh yeh, whatever happened to "Counter Strike: Condition-Zero"...Yet another game that WILL SOON to be scrapped as well. I rest my case. =(

-- Sion Wong (, September 13, 2003.

Aeon Flux Unreal Tournament skin? Do tell, do tell...where can I find this? I play UT online with friends sometimes and "dressing up" as Aeon Flux would be killer, literally and figuratively.

-- Michelle "Ms. Geek" Klein-Hass (, December 02, 2003.

there is still a aeon skin for halflife at file planet but its not easy to apply ( i still havn't figured it out).

-- aeon guy (, December 16, 2003.

yeah those are indeed the gt interactive screenshots and you might as well save them because they have been removed from the studio website for years. the whole story is pretty much followed on they decided to concentrate there energies on the obnoxious java website and the men in black and star trek video games instead ( which also never appeared). even though i would love a aeon game in any form they are obviously a bootsy studio! if you look at the screen shots they're aeon is fat which is a ham-handed insult to peters whole art style in the series. Hopefully someone will come out with a homebrew aeon one of these days.

-- aeon guy (, December 16, 2003.

aeon would look sweet with cell shading! sh!t they just remade teenage mutant ninja turtles like 15 years to late! some studio might poop something out one day for a few bucks. but the final hurdle will be getting the rights from MTV. although they're not doing anything with aeon they seen like the type to sit on stuff just to be stishy. anyone remember austin stories?

-- aeon guy (, December 16, 2003. is offline.

-- aeon guy (, December 16, 2003.

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