When start counting the weeks of pregnancy?

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Hi... My period is regular, but each 35 days. My last period was july 23, 2003. I olulated in august 13 and 14. In those days my husband and I had intercourse. My question is: today is September 08, 2003. How many weeks I have of pregnancy? Somebooks start counting from the first day of my last period, some other books from the conception.

Can you help me? Thank you! Melina

-- Melina Nunez (david.melina@cox.net), September 08, 2003


Hi, I worked for two years as a Medical Assistant in an OB/GYN office. You go by the first day of your LMP and count 288 days from it. Or you can take the date of your LMP, subtract three months, then add seven days. That would roughly be you due date.

-- BM (Nicolette_Despres@yahoo.com), January 03, 2004.

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