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Are there any questions you should not ask? There are a few. Not because they are stupid, but simply because they do not fit the focus of this forum. If you think you question is on the line after reading below, go ahead and ask. We won't shoot you.

1. This forum is for DCC ONLY. Any off-topic questions will be deleted. This includes old command control (Hornsby, Keller) questions and traditional DC questions. Note: Some people use traditional methods to control their turnouts and signals. These questions are fine.

2. Are you brand new to DCC? Start by checking out the Wiring For DCC website: It also provides access to a DCC webring. Questions that start off by stating "I'm new to DCC. Can I do this, this, this, and that, that, that? Maybe, but there is no short answer and we cannot provide drawings on the forum. Rather than a short answer, we would have to write a book - which has already been done! See the, the webring, or the numerous printed books on the topic!

3. You want something that is complex, yet cheap and easy to build - preferrably without any knowledge of electronics. Unfortunately, the answer is that alchemy is dead. You can build it yourself though you won't save anything significant, and if you don't know anything about electronics, what you seek, does not exist.

-- Allan Gartner (, September 07, 2003


Mr. Gartner,

This is not a question, rather a statement. Thank you for all of your efforts in clarifying the various aspects of DCC and how it relates to many model products and modeling situations. Your instructions are clear and your wit keeps a deep subject light- hearted at times. I have learned many things reading your website, all the "do's and don't's" and other tips. DCC seems to be an endless topic and your interpretations prevent one from despair. Again, thank you for sharing your time and knowledge.

Regards, Dick Brion

-- Dick Brion (, April 22, 2004.

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