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The ame herald received an email inquiring about this discussion board. They wanted to know if a new board had started and how they could join again. They thought something had changed because there have not been any new posts in a few days.

I explained the board was still the same and that no new board had been created.

I post alot and I am cutting down in the hope that new people will post. I think maybe the question that we should ask and ponder is:

What kind of board do we want to have? For years this board has been an inspiration to so many. I know I would not be an Itinerant Elder if it were not for the support and mentoring I received from this board. Because of this board I have never felt isolated, though I live in the mountains of Montana.

Rev. Fisher's dream of an international web ministry lives as long as we keep it alive. This board can and should be a board to lift one another up, it can be a board where praise reports are common, it can be a board where you can ask for prayer, help with a fundraiser, or ask about a connectional meeting.

This is an exciting time to be AME. Let us pray and ask God his will for the board. And please if you have never posted, check in and say hi, so we may greet you in fellowship. If you have not posted in a while please check in, Bill Dickens has some gift ceritificates for you to McDonalds. Well he did, it has been awhile since we heard from you. Check in and ask "where is my gift certificate to McDonalds"

Beloved AME family we as christians must not be silent, scripture calls us to be bold and make a joyful noise for the Lord. Let us keep our eyes and thoughts on Christ, keep posting and keep spreading the good news. God loves you so much and so do I!

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2003


Elder Rogers -

Your concerns about this topic might be much 'ado 'bout nothin'. It has been my experience that BB "activity" defined as the number and frequency of posts is typically a function of an individual's time, interest of topic and public disclosure. If a poster answers in the affirmative to one or all of the above three he/she will respond with a published reply or initiate a new topic. It should also be noted that more people on AME Today read posts than actually compose posts. Reading has certain advantages over posting because it [reading] doesn't require as much labor intensive energy. Composing a post requires the organization of thought (what will i say?) and the execution of thought (how will i say it?) Needless to say a form of "writer's block" afficts not only seasoned authors but BB participants as well. In addition, some of our members value anonymity over public disclosure and/or some members are still not quite confident about their grammatical skills to participate for fear of committing syntax errors. What ever the cause, BB actitivity defined by the volumne of posts typically experiences "highs" and "lows". This is quite normal and will protect me against too many hungry AMEs demanding reimbursement for McDonald's eating priviliges :-) QED

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2003

I sort of pick the topics that interest me and sip others. I suggest that most people do the same.

BE Blessed

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2003

Bro. Dickens, now I am Elder Rogers? O.k. you gave me one moment of respect, that I will put in my diary, cause you won't do it again;-) Bill the only reason, I posted what I did, is because I have gotten private email messages regarding the topic. And I felt I would share it with the board.

And to those who only read the board and prefer to be anonymous Bill Dickens is a very, very rich man. So do not be afraid to hit him up for your Mcdonald coupons, and ask him to "value size it for you"

He thought he could throw me off balance by calling me Elder Rogers so that I would not report to the world that he is a very, very rich man. As for myself, I am going to allow my baby brother Bill. (He is much older than I, but I call him baby brother anyway) send me my coupon.

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2003

Hello Rev. Rogers,

By all means do not cut back on your post. For I find that your zest for your work as a minister is inspiring to me and others. Quite frankly, I don't know of too many people in any profession that are willing to stand on a mountain and yell that they love their professions. Your exhilaration about being a minister serves as a beacon of light for me and others in the normal drudgery of our careers.

Also, what is an elder? I could pull out my 2000 Discipline and research it but I am too lazy to do so. Does this mean that you will have to travel long distances to preach at other AME churches?


-- Anonymous, September 08, 2003

Jazzman one of the reasons I love being a pastor is that I get to meet people like you. Thank you for your kind words, I love ministry, it is my passion, my joy and the reason to get up everyday.

God, jesus christ and the holy spirit are beyond words and they love us so much and give us so much. Wow, how can anyone not be excited. And at age 51 I am finally in a denomination where I can do new exciting ministries.

I can say to my Bishop I feel called to rural ministry. And he and this denomination says yes we have a place for you. I can say the holy spirit spoke to me about a new ministry and that is o.k. I was in a denomination that said write a report, let it go through committees and we will do a feasibility study and get back to you in two years. I was in a denomination, that said "You are black have an Ivy league degree, we need to show our diversity and put you in an urban church.'' I grew weary.

Being AME for me means winning souls for Christ! Yahoo!! I am happy.

The Methodist denominations UMC, AME etc. have a two tiered ordination process. Step 1 is Itinerant Deacon, the Itinerant part means you agree to go where the Bishop places you, as clergy you understand that at some point you will be moved. An Itinerant deacon can perform weddings, funerals pastor a church but cannot bless the communion elements only an Elder can do that. A side note, Bishop Bryant gave me permission to have the United Methodist Elder in my town to bless my communion elements. An Itinerant Elder can bless their own communion elements. As of general conference 2000 in order to get Elders orders one now has to have an M.Div. Thanks for asking.

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2003

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