History of the Service Level concept?

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Hello everybody,

I am writing a diploma thesis about Service Level Management at Munich University and would like to find out how the concept of Service Level Management evolved. Part of it is obviously the idea of a "Service Level" - I think that this in itself must have some kind of history of research. I have found the concept of SLA mentioned as early as 1985, but nothing yet on how it actually came into existence.

Who knows something about this?


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-- Pascal Hassenpflug (pasflug@gmx.net), September 02, 2003


Hello Pascal, Im a Dutch woman, working as a HR-manager, and studying for a Master degree `Organisation and Strategy` at a Dutch University.. I also will write a thesis about SLAs and Im wondering if I could read your thesis. My thesis will go a bit further than tte evolving of SLAs. A great part goes about the differences between SLAs in IT deparments and SLAs in Human resource departments. I think there is a great difference because the HR departments are more about soft things link advice, talking etc.

Please write me back.

Thank you very much so far and dont mind the grammatical mistakes.

Greatings from Jitske Brand

-- jitske brand (j.brand@utrecht.nl), February 05, 2004.

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