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Sitting here on the green porch with the windows up and a DVD in. Three friends over for a quiet get together. A cooler with a minikeg of draft, hot wings grilling on the smoker downwind of the porch, popcorn popping in the theatre style popper, Animal House on the TV and here I sit snapping , slicing and shelling a gallon of greenbeans, okra and peas to mix in with the cherry tomatoes to add to my winter stores. All the while I am typying this in bits and pieces to give you folks something to read while the other board is down.

Nights like this often leave me wondering why so many dislike singles life. If I someday find a woman who wouldnt tire of this slow laid back lifestyle, I might marry again, but right now this is perfect.

When the night ends and my guests leave, I still have Singletree Knoll, my dogs and the forums for company. As I said "...another perfect singles Saturday Night" at least by my standards :>)

But I still cant win. Instead of the girls bitching about my interrupting the movie with conversation, they're bitching about the glow of my LCD display and keystroke clicks. Guys I guess you never can win. Reckon I'll close this laptop up and have a hotwing and a beer. Later :>)

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, August 30, 2003


Quiet and perfect Singles Saturday Night here too... cut some weeds for the chickens and rabbits, watched them enjoy for a while, ambled back up onto the deck and sat there watching the elk munch their way down from the hill, came back inside and fed the dogs, and now I'm perfectly content with a bunny in my lap, music in my ear, and a bowl of cereal with lots of almonds in front of me... no one to bitch about anything, but if the bitching came with hotwings and popcorn, I might be able to put up with it for 5 minutes or so... LOL. Enjoy :o)

-- Vera Hannah (, August 30, 2003.

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