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How do i make my 5hp Briggs and Stratton Gokart go alot faster without spending alot of money?

-- Jake Jones (, August 30, 2003


i gotta say, if you have to ask and don't know yourself, there probably isn't mutch you can do that isn't gonna cost you a little more than a little bit of money.realy all depends on how mutch money your wanting to spend, though.

-- Jerome "Jay" Munroe (, September 03, 2003.

eat puss,it helps :p

-- puzzy cruk ((_)_):::::::: D @ (()).com), September 03, 2003.

I get best thing you should build? It is a golf cart with a fourwheeler moter.

-- Adam (, October 04, 2003.

hi u do soom things like pistons hey. hey.

Hi mom

-- Matt Caombin (, November 14, 2003.

Why would u make a golf cart and ya what matt said get way bigger pistons eh man.

Fuck oww

-- Don Caop (, November 14, 2003.

Just get some damn NITROUS!!!!!!!

-- Wayne Shaddix (, January 05, 2004.

If it is chain drive and you dont mind sacrificing a little accelleration change the gear ratio. I did on my 5 horse and it flys now.

-- Harry Byrne (, April 29, 2004.


-- rob (, May 24, 2004.

Nitrous on a stock 5hp engine will make it throw a rod in about 5 seconds. If your looking for cheap horsepower, bore out your carb, shave the eyebrow, put a header for a racing go kart on it, and possibly change the cam. I would recomend a 94-ss cam from Dyno Cams if your engine is stock.

You can also remove the govener while your at it, but I would recomend a ARC billet rod. If you remove the govener and run the engine with the stock rod, you are running a risk of throwing the rod.

-- Jamie Miles (, June 05, 2004.

Bolt a blower on to your carb. when more air goes into your carb.It will increas yor horsepower by alot. welcome

-- James Estepp (, June 05, 2004.

Bolt sum kind of a blower on to your carb. when more air goes into your carb.It will increas yor horsepower by alot.

-- James Estepp (, June 05, 2004.

Hi All you want to do is clean your moter out inside and out. That should allso give you some exstra power. Allso tune your carb that shuold allso give you some exstra power and speed good luck man!!!

-- yo yo yo (hanno kempen @, June 09, 2004.

all yall dum sunga bonches need to get a job by a chevy

-- me homes (, June 26, 2004.

there is a bent metal pease on your throttle were it will stop at a serten spot it you bend it in your carborator will open wider. and you will get more torqu and speed.

-- robbie bonner (, June 26, 2004.

look, a 5 horse power doesnt have much potential. instead of spending a crapload on aftermarket, just buy a bigger engine. in the end you will probly save more.

-- abduel (, June 28, 2004.

ok peolples i have a gokart my self its a racing one 6.5 hp its an old tecumseh shes a beuat now to make your gokart go faster 1.take off the govenor 2.take off the airfilter 3. get nos 4.give it good gas like premuium not regular 5.get a cheeta gear (the sprocket is smaller) 6.get bigger back tires.

-- justin thorne (, July 02, 2004.

you can put a 4hp head on it to increase compression. or if your skilled enough weld up the cam lobes and build a straight header.

-- (, October 09, 2004.

just put nitro

-- andy (, October 22, 2004.

Now I've came to the conclusion that you all ARE FUCKING IDIOTS!!! God damn idiotic kids! What you need to do is larger diamete valves, bigger camshaft, a stroker crankshaft, high compression piston, and re-jet the carb to run alcohol. Then put a strait pipe for your exhaust and buy a performance air filter. Then get some different sprockets. All in all your still gonna go slow as FUCK!@ Just get a 125cc 2-stroke dirt bikes motor and put on that bitch! DUMBASS MOTHER FUCKER!


-- Insaneike! (, October 24, 2004.

You cant put nos on a fucking 5HP stock engine. Youll fuck your engine in a matter of seconds. A bigger back tire will actually make you go slower. See its all in math. A smaller tire will have more rotations then a bigger one.

-- nick (, November 29, 2004.

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