Looking for Specialist in AVN on West Coast

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Hi --

I had core decompression on June 5 and my pain has not subsided. Although I respect and have confidence in my surgeon, I would like to find a physician who specializes or has a special interest in AVN on the West Coast. I live in San Francisco.

Many thanks,


-- Marti Hurley (beagle_mom@hotmail.com), August 25, 2003


The following website has a list of physician members in the National Osteonecrosis Foundation.


I hope this helps.

-- Debi Ross, Web Coordinator (dross2@jhmi.edu), January 30, 2004.

I found something as well from one of my links about the top hospitals for Orthopedists.

I too live in the Bay Area and UCSF and Stanford were up there.

Here's a link to an AVN support website but has lots of other stuff on it too!



-- Darlene Lundberg (vbdar@comcast.net), July 21, 2004.

I just visited a surgeon at UCLA medical center and was very pleased and confident in his abilities. This division of UCLA is dedicated to AVN or Osteonecrosis. I will be opting for replacement surgery in right hip. I felt very comfortable after speaking with Dr Jay Lieberman, he is the 3rd surgeon I interviewed.

-- Mike Siecke (michaelsiecke@sbcglobal.net), January 03, 2005.

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