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Hello, I had Core Decompression Surgery about 5 years ago (im 26 now) for AVN that I got from a car accident that jammed my hip. The surgery really helped, no more pain or limping for the most part. I am a competitive cyclist who bikes all the time and races on the weekends (I have never had hip pain while cycling). This past week my hip has been hurting again and Im very concerned. I have had spells probably associated with mild arthritus in the hip in the past but this time it seems to be hurting more often and there is more pain also plus some slight limping (I should mention that it has been very hot and humid in my area for about a month now). My question is, do patients that were succesful with the surgery in the past get it done a 2nd time? What are the recommendations... Thanks, Josh

-- Joshua Schoenfeld (, August 21, 2003


Hello,Josh.I don't have an answer for you at this time but i'm going through the same situaton.I'm 43 now and had the core decompression surgery almost 6 years ago. It now is starting to be quit painful and I am too wondering if a second core surgery would buy enough considerable time before the ultimate total hip replacement.I am scheduled to see my surgeon within the next month. I will keep in touch.E mail me if you get any info.

-- Phil Wallace (, October 03, 2003.

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