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In 1994, I sustained a trimalleolar fracture to my left ankle with an OCD of the talus. I still have the hardware. My ankle recently started locking and it is painful. I went to a new doctor yesterday who said my pain was caused by the OCD. He said my options were to do nothing, wear a brace, have surgery which means being non weight bearing for 6 weeks, or trying a bone stimulator. Has anyone seen success with the bone stimulator on an OCD of the talus after 9 years?

-- Sara Harrigan (, August 20, 2003


hello sara, what answers, if any, did you get to your question about bone stimulator for OCD of the talus? I sustained a fracture of the lateral maleolus in November (simple-so no hardware) and have now been told I have OCD. I can't walk without pain. What has been your experience with OCD--has anything helped? I'd really appreciate any information youcan share with me. Betty Heycke

-- betty heycke (, January 20, 2004.

I am wearing one at the moment I have been wearing it for one week.


-- JANE E. LEBOEUF (JPGriffin47@AOL.COM), September 08, 2004.

I have had two surgeries to repair a Calcaneous fracture (broken heel). Now i have three screws holding it together. i used a bone stim after surgery for 6 months 8 hours a day and the bone did not heel. now it is two years later and another doctor has suggested using a bone stem befor having another surgery only now this time it is only used 1/2 hour each day. Nothing has promoted healing yet.

-- toni bratton (, February 07, 2005.

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