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Here's my observation on buying cameras/handycams in Singapore:

1. Sim Lim shopping centres are mainly for tourists...especially non-Asian tourists...and Sim Lim is recommended only if you know the approximate price of the model you want to buy.

2. Mustafa Centre in the Little India area is a reasonably priced shop. And the prices are labelled on the products (not much bargaining is done). So one can note down the prices and then compare with Sim Lim or other shops and try to get a better deal. Another reasonably priced shop is Shankar's Emporium opposite the Singapore Parliament but it stocks very few models. Mustafa Centre is reasonably priced for almost everything and is open 24 hours.

3. Most of the shops in Singapore just want to sell the products, they don't explain much...and they make you feel as if you don't know anything about photography. So do your research before going to the shops and know your budget. It seems that the Singapore photography market is not very developed especially for used products.

4. Most of the companies offer huge margins to the retailers. Some retailers sell at the company mentioned prices and some sell way below the company mentioned prices. Example: If Sony's official handycam price for a particular model is S$2000 then some shops will sell it you @ S$2000 but others (example Mustafa) will sell you around S$1600-S$1800. Yes such a difference is possible!

5. Check with atleast two to three different shops before buying. And these shops must be in different locations (i mean not in the same shopping centre).

-- Vipul (, August 20, 2003


price of model no-trv22 sony handycam and price of sony dcr147e handycam

-- pankajbajaj (, September 04, 2003.

Can anyone suggest me what would be the Price of SONY TRV22 Digital MiniDV handycam and where can i buy this in Singapore or Malaysia.


-- Raj (, December 11, 2003.

i want to know the camcorder rate (handicam)CCD - TRV 128(model name) please sent the price of it by the month ending i am visiting singapore so by that time I can purchase it

-- sreenivasa murthy (, May 04, 2004.

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