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Many of you have asked about the status of the A.M.E. Today web site.

I can not make any changes to it because I do not have access.

Only the Fisher family can make changes or grant access.

If the A.M.E. Today web site is to continue, however, it will require a great deal of help. Rev. Rogers can testify to that. Rev. Fisher undertook a massive project in maintaining the site; I know because I have been browsing through it, trying to navigate it.

For a sneak preview at the main page of what i would like the A.M.E. Today site to look like, go here: http://www.lordmajesty.com/nametoday/ameindex2.htm

It is just an idea.....

-- Anonymous, August 19, 2003


Parson Harper -

I like what I see!!! Let's make it happen, easy for me to say since I'm not tasked with the work :-) Will there ever be security/encryption features enabled to avoid the possibility of someone using an unauthorized name or alias which can impugn someone's character? The recent mischievous post falsely alleging a Philly clergyman comes to mind. Given my dry and dull sense of humor it is unlikely that someone can falsify my name in sending a post. However, you can never be certain. QED

-- Anonymous, August 19, 2003

You are right; the current system allows for forgery. For the up and coming site, there are some tools, which will require that the user authenticate before posting.

I use some of them on the 5th District Prayer Line.

http://www.fift hdistprayer.net

So, we will see how long it takes me to soft through the current a.m.e. today pages.....

-- Anonymous, August 19, 2003

John...your suggestion is the only viable option in continuing the legacy of Rev. John Fisher. While speaking with Sister Jan Fisher, it was unfortunate to learn that the codes and security keys were lost. Rev. John was unable to pass on the information. I commend you upon your vision to accept the challenge of carrying AME-Today to another level! Sister Fisher would not be opposed...she would be honored!

-- Anonymous, August 19, 2003

Rev. Harper,

I visited the new website and it is terrific. Easy to navigate and there was more information there about my district than the official website for my district. I do not know much about webpages, but I have put and this project on my prayer list.

-- Anonymous, August 21, 2003

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