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Can I use standard HO lighted passenger cars on my EasyDCC layout or do I need to make some sort of modifications?(not looking to control the lights through decoders, just have them constantly on)

Thanks, Patrick

-- Patrick J. Shaltis (, August 18, 2003



Your lighted passenger cars are OK as they are EXCEPT you should make sure that the bulbs can handle the continuous voltage that is on the track. It's hard to say what the voltage rating is on the bulbs now in the cars but you want to make sure that you have bulbs rated in 16 to 18 volt range so they are not excessively bright and fail prematurely.


-- Dale Gloer (, August 21, 2003.

Another option is to adapt the DCC output voltage to what the bulbs can take. Some DCC kits will allow this.

-- Jan Frelin (, September 06, 2003.

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