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From: Date: Mon Aug 18, 2003 7:51:25 AM US/Eastern To: Subject: Order Confirmation: Order ST5280993

Dear John Spann,

------------------------------------------------------------------------ DOWNLOADS ------------------------------------------------------------------------

To download/re-download the products you purchased, click below: http://store.eSellerate.net/a.asp?b=ST5280993_spannman@carr.org

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ORDER SUMMARY ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Order Number: ST5280993 Order Method: Web Store Name: John Spann Company: Address 1: 3338 Murray Road Address 2: City, State, ZIP: Finksburg, MD, 21048 Country: United States Phone: 410.833.7432


Qty: 1 [SKU7542561365] PodWorks at $8.00 each PodWorks Registration Information: Serial Number Name: John Spann Serial Number: podwrks000-26W0-4C67-FLBB-AHNP-18K9 Dear Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing PodWorks! This message contains your license key--please retain it, as you will need the license key should you ever need to install PodWorks again.

To "unlock" your copy of PodWorks, do the following:

1. Open PodWorks. 2. Click on "Enter Registration" under the "PodWorks" menu. 3. Enter your license key and the exact name you used when you purchased the software. 4. Once you have entered valid registration information, all limitations of the trial version will vanish, and your copy of PodWorks will be fully functional.

If the above process is problematic for you, ensure that:

1. You are using the *exact* name you used when purchasing PodWorks. 2. You are entering the license key correctly. 3. The actual PodWorks application resides in a location that is *writable by your OS X user*.

Be sure to check the PodWorks website (http://www.scifihifi.com/podworks) frequently, as I plan to release updates. If you need to contact me for any reason (support, feature requests, comments, etc.), please send an email to "podworks@scifihifi.com".

Thanks once again for purchasing PodWorks!

Buzz Andersen

Sub Total $8.00 Tax $0.00 Shipping $0.00 Grand Total: $8.00

IMPORTANT: Your credit card billing will show a transaction from ES *SCIFI HIFI in the amount of $8.00

------------------------------------------------------------------------ PRODUCT SUPPORT ------------------------------------------------------------------------

If you require assistance with your purchased product(s), please contact Sci-Fi Hi-Fi at podworks@scifihifi.com. They will be able to help you with the following: * Shipping questions * Installation questions * Software support * Upgrades * Returns and/or Refunds * General questions specific to the items you ordered

Sci-Fi Hi-Fi mailto:podworks@scifihifi.com

------------------------------------------------------------------------ PURCHASE PROCESS SUPPORT ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sci-Fi Hi-Fi has chosen to use the eSellerate e-commerce system to process your order (eSellerate VAT ID EU372000063). Assistance with the purchase process can be found by accessing customer support via: http://store.eSellerate.net/a.asp?b=ST5280993_spannman@carr.org

If applicable, use this site to perform the following tasks: * Re-download your product * Print a receipt * Obtain your serial numbers * Access your order history

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2003

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