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I have a motor and I want to modify the exaust sistem to make more noise(but nice noise)

What can I do?

-- Codrut (, August 17, 2003


Heres what you do and garenteed if you do what i say you cant go wrong and youll get more horse power from your engine. the muffler is probaly bollted on so un bolt it and get a piece of pipe to go in it place probbaly about atleast an inch or two in diamiter. the muffler dont even think about putting it back on and if u do exactly what i said youll go faster and your gokart will sound way better it wount sound like baytovin but you cant go wrong if you take off the muffler trust me. and youll get lost of attenchin aspecially from the girls and of course the golden rule if you cant here it before you see it whats the point.

-- David Brouneus (, August 18, 2003.

if you want it to sound "nice" i would say get a bigger muffler like one off a riding lawnmower and drill some holes in it towards the begging of the muffler

-- drew w (, August 25, 2003.

take the muffler off completely or if u have a nice muffler you can open it up an take the bafflings out

-- Rich (, February 16, 2004.

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