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This girl IS Aeon flux ....I tell you.. find her images through google or what ever... she is 100% aeonflux. check if i am right..


specially this image


-- Danish Raza (danrazmail@yahoo.com), August 16, 2003


Believe it or not she looks just like my best friend from high school. If her acting is anything like Joyce's then the new movie's in big trouble.

-- barb e (Suesuesbeo9@cs.com), August 18, 2003.

good find very nice

-- nomad (nomadphreek24@aol.com), August 16, 2003.

One of my friends told me, that yasmeen is married to lead vocalist of DURAN DURAN. pretty cool. I am only afraid that hollywood is going to crash head first while chasing out superhero hyped movies. ( there was a long time I prayed for a world like this.filled with super movies ) the situation seems all too unreal to believe. ( like a prayer that is granted when you least expect it. and then you least expect it to last but wishs to make it go forever. funny.

-- Danish Raza (danrazmail@yahoo.com), August 19, 2003.

She is the perfect Aeon. But Hollywood will just cast some up-and- comming actress.

-- Erica Huddleston (astrogirl842000@yahoo.com), August 19, 2003.

Naomi Watts or Tea Leoni w/ black hair and implants!!!!

-- Astral (3am@t256.com), August 25, 2003.

or even, just come right out and give it to the one and only, Cary Anne Moss

-- Astral (3am@t256.com), August 25, 2003.

Why does Alexander look like Aeon? That's what I want to know. ;)


-- sleeper (slaeper@hotmail.com), August 25, 2003.

I totally agree, she very much resembles her! If her acting stinks though....then...hmm....that could be horrible. I really wouldn't want to see an Aeon Flux Film turn out bad, like some kind of Tomb Raider thing or something.

-- Max W (antiflarm@hotmail.com), September 05, 2003.

i disagree. i don't think she looks at all like aeon. aeon has that sort of paleur and sickliness about her, like all the people do. they're all so pointy and unhealthy looking, and that's their thing.

-- cowgirl (marlamoo@earthling.net), September 18, 2003.

Ha hahaha ha hahahahah... you are so funny. I bet only a person with a high daily doze would provide such comments. The cartoon or animated look of the characters is unique to the artist who designed it. Finding a real life person who could "perfectly" match that would be impossible. as I said that is the best possible match. not perfect match. duh.

-- danish raza (danrazmail@yahoo.com), September 22, 2003.

fuck you you posted it for us to comment on and so we did if you dont like it fuck off . mabe peter created aeon with some one in mind so that person would be perfict would thay not ((((BBOONNGG)))

-- nomad (nomadphreek24@aol.com), September 23, 2003.

"Finding a real life person who could "perfectly" match that would be impossible."

First, the Paki gal does not look like Aeon in the face or skin - same body though! Well just about :) Aeon is white - white features - not that big jowell thing and whatever.

There are in fact LOTS of gals that look JUST LIKE AEON! For starters, go to far (faaaar) Eastern Russia, or France, or Romania. These places are loaded with Betty Paige, Aeon, and Xena clones.

Haven't any of you seen Denise Prorier or whatever? ALso, Helena Christensen would make a damn good Aeon - all she needs to do is stop using bleach! :))

The main thing that gives Aeon her 'look' is her height. Any really tall gal - 5'11" or taller, who is very slimmed down, is going to have an Aeon-like body. Oh, also lots of Holland gals look that way too - though french are the closest of all. I bet if you went to a French modeling site right now you could find like 12 Aeon clones in a snap.

I know what you're talking about with Tomb raider. Part of the reason they chose a mongrel for the lead in the movies was because a lot of non-whites watch action flicks, plus she is like half south asian or whatever, and that series plays to the karate market.

I disagree, however, with their theory that the movie must 'play down' to popularity or whatever. We all saw how the success of Titanic was independent of the actors involved. The same goes for these sueprhero movies. It is time for 'Hollywood' to pick the best people for the part, not merely whoever is 'hot' at the time. 'Hotness' is created by the promotion dollars and publicity of the movies, not by the actors in them. There are THOUSANDS of hot gals out there who could play Tomb raider better than that mongrel. For starters, Nell McAndrew is 1,000X hotter and totally looks the part (a former trade show Tomb Raider gal).

My rant for the day :)

-- Peter Ismyname :) (peter845@hotmail.com), March 05, 2004.

SOrry, I did not mean Helena Christensen. I mean that gal who does the 'believe it or not' show hosting - forgot her name and confused it with helena - who is just another mongrel looking token - like Cindy Crawford (I dont know what the hell she is - looks part Middle Eastern to me)

-- Peter Ismyname :) (peter845@hotmail.com), March 05, 2004.

Here is an example of an Aeon Flux clone. Remember people, Aeon - she is FRENCH! Oui oui! :) That look is a French thing. I bet the animation was based even on Denise (wouldn't be surprised)


Talk about a ton of Aeon clones!!! :))

Here's one...

Jurgita Jurksaite

http://www.jurgita.com/resize-thumb.php?pic=6. jpg&trg=photos&w=345&h=469


Viv La France! :-D

-- Peter Ismyname :) (peter845@hotmail.com), March 05, 2004.

I am fucking Aeon Flux u fools.........If u really want to see the real one then why look many further. Im sure I wont be asked to play the part because oh well...Im just too important to be captured....If anyone wants to know more. Contact me u carbon-based simpletons. No pics til then.

-- verotika (dluxdvine2005@aol.com), January 13, 2005.

For anyone who might be interested in yet another new Aeon Flux site


-- amy (onyxpurr@aol.com), January 20, 2005.

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