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Hi, everyone the Pacific Northwest conference starts Sunday august 18th in Seattle. Though I live in Bozeman, Montana the churches in Montana go to washington state for our conference. Our ame church in Alaska also comes. I cannot believe it has been two years already. I will get Elder's orders this week. I wish my immediate family could be there, Barbara A. Robinson, Robert Matthews III, Bill Dickens, Jerryl Payne, Rev. Paris, Loretta Hill, Eva Williams and Carmen Buchanan. All of you have been my mentors that I have listed. You taught me the ways of the ame church, you accepted me, encouraged me, sent money and hymnals for my church. I thought I would never learn the ame way and all of you taught me the ame way is God's way. You told me to listen to my call from God, you showed me how to empower my congregation. As I look at the list everyone of you are laity with the exception of Rev. Paris.

We as clergy cannot do this alone we need the wisdom and support of laity. Within my church lay leaders have stepped forward. One is moving to missoula where we are planting our new church, one is starting a men's ministry for those who are poor. One is working with me on a spiritual 12 step recovery program that includes the family. I have taught them as you have taught me.

There are so many that helped me on my journey and I thank all of you. Those who email me privately, those who have called me persoanlly, all of you have taken me and my daughter under your wings, and some have been the protective uncle to my daughter. Thank you Bill. I will cry a lot this week, as I thank God and all of you for your love and support. It will be with joy that I tell Bishop Bryant about all of you in my report that I will verbally give to him on thursday. Pray for us and pray for Bishop Bryant and Dr. Cee for I am going to be hugging them and jumping up and down with joy!!! I just hope I do not cry all over the Bishop robe. One last thing I have the greatest Bishop and Episcopal Supervisor in the world. (And I am not just saying that. I have asked my Bishop not to promote me, and to leave me in Montana for a long time for my true promotion comes when I go to heaven!)

Bishop Bryant and Dr.Cee work so hard. Please pray for them. Below is their annual conference schedule. (keep an eye on my baby brother bill and don't let him wander around because he will be eating at someone house:.)

Pacific Northwest Conference August 18-24, 2003 First A.M.E. Church - Seattle, WA Rev. John Hunter, Host Pastor Bethel A.M.E. Church Colorado Conference August 25-31, 2003 Shorter Community A.M.E. Church - Denver, CO Rev. Jesse Langston Boyd, Host Pastor Kansas/Nebraska Conference September 8-14, 2003 First A.M.E. Church - Kansas City, KS Rev. Brenda Hayes, Host Pastor Northwest Missouri Conference September 22-28, 2003 Ebenezer A.M.E. Church - Kansas City, MO Rev. Steven A. Cousin, Host Pastor Southern California Conference October 6-12, 2003 First A.M.E. Church - Los Angeles, CA Rev. Cecil L. Chip Murray, Host Pastor Northern California Conference October 20-26, 2003 First A.M.E. Church - Oakland, CA Rev. Harold Mayberry, Host Pastor Missouri Conference November 3 -9, 2003 St. Paul A.M.E. Church - St. Louis Rev. Alvin Smith, Host Pastor Planning Meeting November 10, 2003 St. Louis, MO Host : Missouri Conference

-- Anonymous, August 16, 2003


Rev. Denise -

Congratulations on your Elder's apointment! The Florida Annual Conference kicks off today in Tallahassee at my church Bethel AME (John F. Green, Host Pastor). We will have some of the best food on the planet here and I WILL be sampling my share :-) Needless to say it will be a busy week in Seattle, WA and Tally, FL. (I sure wish I had some clout on the Episcopal Committee so that the announcement of Bishop's Appointments in 2004 will have Bryant coming to the 11th District. I want either Bryant, DeVeaux or Richardson in 2004.) QED

-- Anonymous, August 17, 2003

Thank you brother Bill, I will miss hearing from you. And I know you will have a fabulous conference. Please send in a report for the Herald. now brother Bill, we love Bishop Bryant in the fifth district and we all will be praying to keep our beloved Bishop. He and Dr. Cee are the most anointed, amazing people I have ever met. They empower you to do creative ministry.

We have 700 members on the fifth district prayer chain and it is an amazing prayer chain, miracles happen on this chain, and you better believe that everyone of us will be praying that Bishop Bryant is reappointed to the fifth district. One of the things I love about Bishop Bryant is that he respects all of his churches big and small, my congreation in rural montana feel as important as first ame in l.a with 18,000 members, because Rishop Bryant stays in touch with our little church. And because of that new ideas for ministry come from Laity because the Bishop allows and encourages new ministry. I just got a call from a member who asked me ask if we could open a recovery house for women for we have to send women out of state for treatment and when they come back there is no half way house. I told her to get started on her plans and when I get back we will work on it, Bishop Bryant loves for his churches to things like that. What is great is that my member feels comfortable with our Bishop that she wants to present new ministries to help our district.

So, brother bill the fifth district will be on her knees asking to keep our beloved Bishop. But Bill, feel free to visit the fifth district and see Bishop Bryant churches, feel free to visit L.A. where Bishop Bryant is headquartered and make an appointment to shake his hand. But Bill we want to keep our Bishop. You do have great taste.

-- Anonymous, August 17, 2003

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