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Who are the leading providers of application software that support SLAs for an organization? I know there are applications that support SLAs for an organization's LAN and WAN, but I need applications that provide support SLAs for the LAN, WAN, plus a number of other business functions. For example, SLAs for library services, training, help desk, security, etc. Thank you for your help. Greg Cambareri

-- Greg Cambareri (, August 15, 2003


Greg, Oblicore's software, Guarantee, is one of the leading solutions for SLA Management on the market today. Guarantee captures the business logic embedded in an SLA, monitors service delivery performance in real time, provides comprehensive reporting and predictive performance alerts as well as a dashboard. Guarantee can support SLAs for LAN, WAN, and the other business functions you identifed in your question. Please contact me if you need more information or would like a web demo of Guarantee.

-- Peter Weiman (, August 18, 2003.

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