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Is it possible to convert Fleischmann locos to digital by fitting decoders ? If it is, where can I get the decoders ? Can I do it myself ? If not who can do the work?

I should very much appreciate any advice

-- Tony Brookes (, August 14, 2003


unfortunately, I don't have an answer to this question, but want to expand the question to include Liliput, Hornby, and Roco engines. Can the later models of these engines be fitted with decoders without a major rebuilding of the unit? I have a fair size collection of these that I want to run on a new Digitrax DCC system.

-- Steve Trout (, August 19, 2003.

Yes, Fleischmann locomotives can be converted to DCC. However, there are several types of motors which appear in Fleischmann engines. The newest have a motor with two isolated motor connection (it has the shape of a can motor, but is open framed). This is easy. The standard Fleischmann motor is a big round motor, which comes with a motor shield on which all connection are mounted. In the newer ones (after 1990 or so), there is only a little piece of metal connecting the brush area on the left side to the pick up area. Use a knife to cut through it. On the right side, the connection is done by a inductor which can be cut off. In the middle period (1980's), Fleischmann used a plastic shield similar to the one used currently, but covered with metal. The same method applies, but more slicing is necessary. Finally, the oldest motors (before 1980) use a metal shield, and you need to order a replacement from Fleischmann. I converted 10 Fleischmann locos with the first three motors, and had no problem. However, make triple sure that the motor brushes are isolated, and THAT YOUR WIRES HAVE DO NOT HAVE EXCESSIVE BLANK AREAS. Things in the engine are close together!


-- Ulrich Albrecht (, January 05, 2004.

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