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I'm sorry if this is a very simple question but I'm a beginner at making VCDs. I burned a VCD using Nero as I have done before. On my PC the file has been saved as avseq01.dat. It plays on my VCD player OK, but when I try and play it on my PC it trys to open itself in Media Player and can't play it - it says "MMSYSTEM2281 The file could not be played..." So I open it up in Windows Media Player, where I usually play my VCDs and it plays - but there's no sound whatsoever! I'm confused. Can anyone please advise me on how to ask the PC to open mpeg files always in Windows Media Player and also maybe suggest why there's no sound? (The sound card works fine, I've tried other sounds to test it's working!) Thanks for looking, Selina

-- Slinky Selina (, August 14, 2003


thanks for that guys, it's really appreciated

-- Slinky Selina (, August 15, 2003.

Sorry but I have the same problem - I can't play VCD's on my new laptop - any one know how I can resolve this?

-- Stephen (obf02@AOL.COM), September 15, 2003.

Hi Stephen, nobody helped me on here which I didn't expect - I guess they're all sick of the same questions or something. I just read your note so I am here to try and help you! :)

I can't play VCDs on Windows Media Player at all now - I used to be able to, upgraded and now can't.

I finally tried installing a free VCD player (Subhash 2.3) after looking through Google for a free player and all my VCDs work perfectly on it! Hope this helps!

-- Slinky (, September 18, 2003.

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