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I have a music gig on two discs (one 46 minutes, the other 25 approx.). Is there any way I can get the show on to one 80 minute disc and not have a 'seam' where the two 'bits' are joined? I use Nero 5. Thanks a lot, John

-- John Dunnel (, August 14, 2003


There are various MPEG editors that can do the job. I use MPEG2VCR which is available at If you don't need MPEG-2 capability and only MPEG-1, their MPEGVCR editor is much cheaper. Ahead Software claimed that Nero 6 was going to come with an editor, but after they released it, the official release said nothing about it having an editor. I haven't tried Nero 6, so I don't know if it has one or not. TMPGenc can also be used to join clips, but some people have terrible audio sync issues with clips joined by TMPGenc.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), August 15, 2003.

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