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This is a notice and prayer request concerning the situation regarding Rev. Denise Rogers, editor of The AME Herald (

Rev. Rogers wrote:

"As you all know we live in Bozeman, Montana pop. 30,000 we are nestled in a valley in the Rocky Mountains. Bozeman is completely surrounded by four national forests, they are within 15 minutes of our apartment. The fires in SW Montana have gotten bad in the last day. Today in Bozeman it was 101. Fires have burned 36 transformers that provide electricity to Bozeman, and our electricty is coming from 4 other transformers, but there is a chance they will also go down. If that happens there will be no electricy. The east entrance of Yellowstone national park was closed today for there is a major fire in Yellowstone. All forests have been closed. The fuel that is in the forest is unprecedented and everything is burning quickly. I write you now to let you know that if you do not here from Danielle and I the electricity has gone off. Danielle and I are both on the disaster action team of the Red Cross. I am in charge of staffing, which means I call in my 200 volunteers. Things are getting bad. I am putting all volunteers on alert, which means they are to be ready to go at a moment's notice. If the electricity goes out we will meet at the Red Cross office. I will be in contact with law enforcement, and tomorrow morning the red cross will be meeting with all local officials. We are prepared! ... We are trained well. And many of us have fire experience. I am one of those who has fire experience. I am asking for your prayers, the Holy Spirit has told me things will be bad. We will be at annual conference, we are making plans now for alternate routes if roads are closed. We are driving. Danielle is in charge of public relations and will be getting the info out to the press regarding what shelters are open. We are getting more firefighters and Montana is now designated level one, which means we are getting smoke jumpers, helicopters, etc. We are safe and preparing our apartment in case the electricty goes out. We can really use your prayers.

Montanans do not panic, and we know about survival because of our hard winters. I am still planning to put the Herald up on Monday. By the way I am the only clergy on the disaster team and I am so proud that the AME church will be on the battle lines giving hope. Proud to be A.M.E. Proud to be a Montanan, And glad to know Jesus is my shield.

Pastor Denise

-- Anonymous, August 14, 2003


Heavenly Father, Please forgive us for our sins before we approach the throne of grace and mercy. I pray Father that you will protect Rev. Denise Rogers and Rev. Danielle Rogers while there are fires raging in Montana. I pray that you give them the wisdom and inspiration to do your will. I pray that your name will be glorified by their actions. For I know that you are Sovereign and these fires can only happen if you cause them to happen or allow them to happen. I pray that Rev. Denise Rogers and Rev. Danielle Rogers will be sheltered from the attacks of the enemy during this ordeal. I ask these requests in the name of Jesus. Amen.


-- Anonymous, August 14, 2003

Jazzman, you know how Danielle and I feel about you, you are our dear friend. And Danielle's Sigma brother. I thank you for your beautiful prayer, it means a lot to us. Especially when we are indoors today because of heavy smoke in town, and waiting by the phone for news. You are right about Fire being part of God's creation. Fire in the forest is necessary and part of God's plan for his creation, for it thins out the forest and rids the forest of diseased trees, out of a forest fires, many seeds are scattered to replant and regrow the forest. Humans have messed up the natural order of God's work. For years our country had a policy of putting fires out immediately, thus stopping the fires. This in turn means we now have a 60 year build up of fuel in the forest. God order would have meant several thousand acres would burn and be over, now we have 100's of thousands of acres of forest burning. People have built expensive homes way in the forests, and they do not clear the trees around their homes, this cause fires and danger to rescue personel, animals and fish our displaced during forest fires, which in turn upset the ecological system for all mammals and fish including humans.

Is it scary? Yes! Are we o.k. YES! It takes a lot to scare Montanans there is no panic, everyone is doing what we usually do. The lights have dimmed a lot, but so far the electricity is working. Please pray for our fire crews, who are jumping out of planes and helicopters to fight these fires. They are working 20 hour shifts.

Danielle and I are headed to the red cross office now to get the latest weather updates. We have everything we need. My doctor and medical team called to see if I was o.k because of the smoke, and I am checking on my members, some live in trailers, so I want to make sure they are all well. Again thanks Jazzman, it helps reading your prayer. At least we know we are not alone, we have God and our ame family. Thank God we are non-denominational;-)

-- Anonymous, August 14, 2003

If we do lose electricity, we will check in with Bishop Bryant in L.A. by cell phone. I will have special cell phone from the red cross, thanks everybody for your prayers. Rural ministry is never boring, and in case of fire, the pastor is expected to move the horses and cattle;-) I am not kidding.

-- Anonymous, August 14, 2003


I've been keeping every single finger, toe & anything else I have that can be crossed, crossed for you guys. My Dad lives up above Helena a bit &, while he's not near you, I worry about him & his home. I'm here, in the east, where we're getting all kinds off rainfall--the stuff is coming out our ears--& I just wish that we could somehow get some of it over to you in the west. I grew up in California and spent most summers in Montana with my mother's family. So I know what it is you're losing there & I pray that it all stops ASAP. Please stay safe &, Rev., if you're going to be playing with the horses & cows--watch your toes. My best to you & Danielle.

Peace & Blessings,

Maria (Ree)

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2003

Maria it is so good to hear from you and thank you for your kind thoughts. Your dad should be doing fine. There are no fires around the Helena area, though it has been extremely hot in Helena, in the last six weeks, it has averaged 102 degrees. It has been brutally hot all over the state. We have massive fires burning around the missoula area, they are the worst we have seen ever. They are evacuating all the towns around missoula, My town of Bozeman, has a big fire that is 15 minutes from town. Up by the ski resort. Yellowstone national park is on fire, they closed the park on friday. Livingston 30 minutes from me has some major fires in the crazy mountains. The smoke is really, really bad. But the good news for you, is that Helena where your dad lives is the ONLY place in the state that does not have fires. They are moving fire crews in from around the world. The fires in Glacier park are 40 percent contained. The smoke jumpers are doing an incredible job, jumping into the fires. We also are you helicopters, where the fire fighters are rappeling down into the fire with ropes. Everyone is taking it all in stride. No panic. And in terms of me playing with the horses and cows, I draw the line with the cows. I love horses, but the cows, they just stand there and will not move. I have to tell you Maria, last week I was asked to do a wedding at a barn with shedland cows, they are cows with long hair, they look like sheep dogs. And they wanted a scottish wedding. I said no! I have done enough weddings outdoors with my robe and my high heels with the cows. People also ask me to marry them on the side of the mountain. I am suppose to ski down the hill with them. I also was asked to marry a couple in the boiling river in Yellowstone, it is the river that feels like a hot tub, but you have to walk two miles to get to the river. Rural ministry is never boring. And I love it! They could not pay me to leave my beautiful Montana. The next time you are in montana, email me. Don't worry about your dad, he's fine. Keep praying for us.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2003

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