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I am interested in knowing the location of the Ingleside horse track that I know was in the San Francisco area in 1903. How close was it to downtown San Francicso? Would it have been convenient for someone to find train service into the city from the general area?

Thank you, Mark

-- Mark Dill (, August 13, 2003


The Ingleside Track is on Urbano Street. Look at a map and you'll see that Urbano is laid in an oval, the exact location of the old track. Go here for more.

-- Sean M. Hall (, August 13, 2003.

Here's my article about the sundial that's there now, complete with directions.

And I haven't much more on the transportation, but there are photos in the S.F. Main Library of the gigantic horse-drawn coaches that used to bring the gamblers there from downtown.

And books on Wyatt Earp record that he used to go there as well, and he's buried in Colma's Jewish Cemetery.

-- Hamilton Barrett (, June 28, 2004.

Looking at a S.F. map, Miramar ave between Monterey and Ocean Aves is also layed out like it could have been a race track or some other reasone for its design. Does anybody have any info on this???????? Dan

-- DAN HASTINGS (, March 03, 2005.

DAN, at the turn of the century gamblers whose luck ran cold with the horses could try and change it with the greyhounds. East on today's Ocean Avenue, where the reservoirs now sit beside City College, a dog track called the Ingleside Coursing Park did business. Many sources cite the concentric loops of Faxon and Westwood Streets in Westwood Park as the former dog track, but maps show otherwise, the mystery continues....

-- strange (, March 03, 2005.

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