terminated without reason or cause

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worked for a company 3yrs 11 months , they bring in a person to oversee our store that suppose to work 2 days a week. he comes in starts changing schedules , hires a person that knows nothing , rehires a person that quit and disrupes the shop morale by eliminating there bonus program. i am called into the gm's office to look into blank faces and ask him to let it out dont sugar coat it aaas the gm stares into space as if he has no say ,as the new guy says he wants to make it short we are letting you go , handes me a check without any offer of stepping down to position i was hired at just said thank you . after working 6 days a week 11 hrs a day this is how i get appreciated i guess, just doesnt seem right being so dedicated to a company. atwill employess is this how we are looked at just let a family man go because of a new agenda ? can you recommend a labor lawyer ?

-- rich gomez (rgomez2535@aol.com), August 12, 2003


Sure. What city are you in?

-- Gerald P. Cunningham (gpc@lalabor.com), September 18, 2003.

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