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CONGRATULATIONS to Sis. Denise on what is the best issue yet of the AME Herald. It's really nice reading about the daily happenings at the Quadrennials; esp. the YPD issues and votes.

Although it's almost 10 months away, I hope that someway, somehow, someone will rise to the fore and provide DAILY reports of GenCon2004 as Bro. John did for GenCon2000. It ought to be a real "doozy". [Hmmm, I hope that is spelled right; I've spoken it, but never wrote it before and my Merriam-Webster's doesn't list it.]

-- Anonymous, August 12, 2003


Brother Clark, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words regarding the Herald. We are all volunteers who love God and our denomination. There are 14 of us. God gave me the vision for this publication and told me who to ask. We all feel strongly that this is our denomination and that we should be giving back and working hard to help our church grow. Eva Williams our 2nd district bureau chief did an outstanding job on WMS coverage. And it was a joy to have a YPD reporter for this issue. But the Herald is a team effort. Eva used the format that Robert Matthews used to cover the Lay Convention. And we all have input into what goes into the Herald.

We have already begun talking about plans for coverage for general conference. And we are getting a sense of who on our staff will be delegates. Danielle the co-editor of the Herald and I will be at general conference to assist with the DMC.

To answer your question YES! the Herald will cover the conference. We will have to work out logistics, software etc. But I have xp professional and can access my computer remotely. We will be there, probably with buttons or tee shirts that say AME Herald;-)

One of the ways our readers can help is to send us news! Or look at the names on the staff page and send emails of encouragement. We have the most gifted staff in the world and they are around the world.

Lastly, my prelate Bishop Bryant gave me permission to do the Herald and gave us his full support. Way before he saw the first issue. Please also thank Bishop Bryant for being a visionary and seeing the need for such a publication. We are working hard as we speak and several stories are in the works, In four months we have had over 21,000 visitors to our website. And it has been one person at a time telling another person. We will be expanding in the fall adding more pages and featuring columns for young adults, youth and news from our sister denominations. Thank you so much for your wonderful words.

And as an editor I will forgive you for saying "it gets gooder and gooder" (you made me smile when I read that.

The AME Herald

AME Herald email

We must never forget the hard and pioneering work of Rev. John Fisher. For he laid down the bricks on the road that the Herald now trods. He showed our denomination the importance of using the internet to truly make our church connectional. As a web master I have a new found appreciation for the work that Rev. Fisher put into A.M.E. Today. He had to write code. Every link on ame today and to be inserted one at a time. It took hours of intensive labor. We at the Herald will always be indebted to Rev. Fisher for he showed us we can do this, and the majority of the staff I met on this discussion board. We will always love Rev. Fisher at the Herald.

God is the true publisher, editor and author of the AME Herald. Everything we do on the Herald is to glorify him. God bless you all!

-- Anonymous, August 12, 2003

What is really amazing is how far and fast our Big Sky Pastor has taken the AME Herald in such a short time period. Consider the journalistic shortcomings of the Christian Recorder for comparison. The Recorder is allegedly the marquee publication of the AMEC. That may have been true in the past but it certainly doesn't hold that distinction today. The Recorder has a Connectional Budget yet routinely engages in delinquent distribution and inadequate coverage. I hope Bishop Bryant considers making the Herald a part of our Connectional Budget since it serves an important need and reaches a wider range of subscribers than even the Recorder. On another realted note, will the other content issues on AME Today ever be updated? Some of us used to use the AME Today for purposes other than just BB discussions. QED

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2003

Regarding A.M.E. Today,

In order to update the content, someone has to be able to access the FTP site.

In plain English, the door is locked, and I don't have a key.

If anyone knows how to contact Sis. Fisher and her family, please tell me. I had heard that they were going to continue the site, but I haven't heard anything recently.

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2003

I also enjoyed this weeks AME Herald. The information regarding the Quadrennial was helpful for us Missionaries who were unable to attend. Thank You again Rev. Rogers and your staff. I read this website often and you appear to be a blessing from God. Continue the POSITIVE work that you are doing.

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2003

Sister Primm, thank you so much for your compliment to the entire staff. It means a lot to us. We will have further coverage of the WMS quadrennial in this Monday's issue August 18th. So stay tuned.

In record to the Christian Recorder. The A.M.E. Herald is NOT in competition with the Christian Recorder. The Herald was born out of prayer. It is a ministry. And in my prayers to God, he made it clear that he did not want the Herald to be a budget item. We can have sponsors who would like to help the Herald. The Herald is a ministry, and it is God's plan. I and all of us on the Herald are servants of God.

As a church it is imperative that we work together, my hope is that every publication in our denomination can compliment one another. In regards to the future of the Herald, God is unfolding new aspects and ministries for the Herald every day. I will talk to Bishop Bryant at annual conference next week and will discuss the Herald with him. He is a great Bishop!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep ALL of our Publications in prayer. For each is needed.

One last thing economic development will be a cornerstone of the Herald and Bill Dickens will have more articles on that subject and will also help our readers understand why "economics" is biblical.

Thank you everyone for your tremendous support! As of today, we have had 22, 657 visitors to our site in four months. Please pray for the Herald and our very, very talented staff.

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2003

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