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A number of contributors to this forum have stated that the ABC is only a mouthpiece for the "Greenies" and "socialists." I would argue that the ABC continues to take a conservative political line. The bias claims proposed by Alston and his mates at the conservative "think tanks" are no more than "smokescreen" to divert public attention from lack of real or sustainable funding of the organisation. There is more at issue here than just the cutting of "Behind the News" or Fly. Take for example, the ABC sunday morning Insiders program, a panel of so-called "experts" voicing their political opinions. On last Sunday's episode, we had "the panel" stating that we are "bludging" on the US miltary and further cuts to welfare, education and health were required to "pay our way" in regards to US -led military action. Iam not stating the defence organizations do not require more funding nor structural change. But this panel was clearly made up of conservative commentators and no other opinions such as education, the welfare "safety-net" and health being the fundamental aspects of a civil society were even mention -blind freddy could tell you that countries that outlay more on their miltary than other sectors have more civil uprest and violence because they lack these "civil" services. Furthermore, until the situation where the government [and market] can provide full-employment to everyone. There will always be a need for sometype of welfare "safety net." Sorry Tony Abbott, casual and part-time employment do not count. Shame the official stats do indicate the real amount of "underemployment." so it is a laugh or a joke when contributors come to this forum and attempt to label aunty as a greenie or a leftist mouthpiece. The recent example of the political panel above illustrates it is not. The views expressed on the program clearly represent the ideology of the governing power, that is to further reduce expenditure on the facets that make our country great and are the basis of a modern democracy, which includes institutions such as medicare -universal healthcare and the ideal for all children [regardless of background] to have a decent education to able to participate in society with success- these are fundamental aspects of our -the Australian culture. A diversity of media is crucial to maintain a free and just society.

This is not a place to undermine aunty but to support it. I personally would prefer to see the likes of the 7;30 report enhanced [increase state news issues] ...Foreign correspondent is too much like sixty minutes for my liking This maybe one area I may change it. But it does not say that is the ABC is not relevant. Because especially now when government should be more transparent; aunty is very relevant. The 4 corners program regarding the refugees is an example of how important is to us all.

The 'insiders" program illustrates that aunty portrays both ends of the spectrum. How can Alston accuse aunty of systematic bias?

-- Anonymous, August 11, 2003

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