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hi im a newbie but im fairly litterate if that makes sense...

Im tryin to make a vcd and im using nero to burn on to a cd... I have gone through all the steps in Tmpgenc is it.. and even changed the header as explained on if the dvd player doesnt read the disk.

Does anyone have a clue whats up? nero version is bundled oh and it says possible write error everytime it writes but it does that with music cds and makes no difference

dvd player is a alba 108xi i think...

or steps using the software i have to burn the vcd cheers

Is ram important whilst doin this cuz i only have 32 lol

Gavin Cheers

-- Gavin Kelly (, August 08, 2003


oh yeh and im tryin to convert a avi to mpeg whats a mpeg and mpeg 2 is there a difference :$ i whacked the avi file through tmpgen and its been converted but cuz im on 16 i dont know what the hell im doin is right or wrong! cheers

-- Gavin Kely (, August 08, 2003. is a good place to go, but you misunderstood the purpose of changing the header. That should NOT be done under normal circumstances. That's only to be used for DVD players that support VCD burned to CD-R media but won't play SVCD. DVDRhelp has some explanations of what VCD and SVCD are and how to make them. You probably should start with VCD because that's easier and it's a good starting point for people who want to learn how to do this kind of thing. Finally, please look at the DVD Player Compatibility List at the site and look up your DVD player because if it doesn't support burnable media, the header trick won't help you. Again, changing the header is only for SVCD. DVDRhelp also has guides on how to do everything. You might try burning to CD-RW until you get the hang of it rather than make more coasters burned to CD-R. It generally takes a few burns to kind of understand what you are doing and it does all start to make sense after a while.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), August 08, 2003.

I forgot to say because you posted twice, but there is a difference between MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video. MPEG-1 video is the first MPEG standard and it dates from the 1980s. It is used for VCD. MPEG-2 video is used for SVCD and DVD and dates from the 1990s. AVI is a different video format that Microsoft helped to invent. AVI can use a variety of different codecs (compressor/decompressor) to make the file size smaller. MPEG-4 is a type of AVI codec. MPEG-1 and 2 have nothing to do with AVI. AVI files have to be converted to MPEG-1 for VCD or MPEG-2 for SVCD or DVD if you want to burn something you can (hopefully) watch on a set top DVD player.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), August 08, 2003.

Hi. Quite a few people find it frustrating not to be able to play VCD that they burnt themselves on their desktop DVD players. I do not know anything about ALBA 108xi player that you have. But not every DVD or even VCD players can play discs you make with CD-r burner, especially the DVD players that was made earlier. The new DVD players are designed to play more disc types - eg. DVD, VCD, SVCD (sometimes), CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-i,Photo CD etc. I have not read the white papers on these formats, it is obvious somehow there are differences between these formatsthat can cause machines not to read all formats. So the answer is, if you wish to find out if the problem is with your disc, try the disc on your computer and see if you can watch it. If you can watch it on the computer, the chance is good that it will play on one of those newer DVD players that is designed to play CD-R disk. This also means, bring the disc to test out the machine before you buy your next DVD player.

-- fred (, August 08, 2003.

i was always wondering wut kinda player do you need to play svcds and why do vcds tend to mess up alot after you create them then play them?

-- shaneeke jones (, September 05, 2003.

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