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i have a electric golf cart i need to know how to make it go faster!! i heard in the controler u twist th red and white wire well, where the hell is that? and i thought about jamming the peddle so it would twice as fast or something just plz tell me how to make it go faster!!

-- ernie sims (, August 07, 2003


depending on how big your moter is you can buy a new one but i dont think you can make a stalk motor faster,and if you have heard that putting better batteries in will amke it go faster it does not,it just makes it hold a charge longer. well your welcomed if i helped you any. eli ross

-- elijah ross (, September 14, 2003.

hey its me i figured out how to do it i jamn the peddle make it go twice as fast cuz twice as much power gets to the engine all thought u didnt help any thanks anyway. but the batteries do die fast and yes i know buying new batteries wont make it go faster. i already know u could make ur motor more powerful its callled a coil field that u put on the batteries that connect to the engine. i have an electric golf cart goes 37mph. i have done nothing but put the coil filed in and jam the peddle!!!

-- ernie sims (, September 25, 2003.

just buy a go kart or a dirt bike or a 4 wheeler if you want some speed............if u really want your golf cart to go faster then buy a new motor......because i dont think motors( electric engines) have sure you could always take it to a speciality shop and they could do some cool shit to never know........once i seen a company but a really powerful motarcycle engine on a go maybe if you got some cash you could get a gasoline engine and if u got some skill you could manage to instal that into your golf cart............good bye JOEY JOE

-- joey joe man sebastian (, October 24, 2003.

Some people have put a snow mobile engine in their gas golf carts, but we are not suggesting that on our website because of liability. Besides, with added speed, a roll-over could happen anytime.

A field coil upgrade also works well for electric golf carts (if that can be applied to your installed motor) but we usually advise upgrading to a high speed motor that can take your golf cart to 25 mph. In reality, that "25 mph" will go 22-23 mph similar to when you buy a factory golf cart with a top speed of 15 mph actually travels 12 mph.

I assume that all this modifications on the speed that you wish done will not break any local or state laws if you use them on public roads as well as keeping every driver, passenger, pedestrians and /or vehicles safe. :)

-- BeSafe (, February 26, 2004.

Depending on the year your cart could have a wirewound step, or pwm (pulse width modulation) electronic speed control. Alot of electric carts use Curtis PMC controllers. Most of these controllers can handle another 6 or 12 volts to them. That will make it go faster but you will loose some acceleration because the controller will hit the current limit sooner. You could also have your motor rewound or buy a "modified" motor. The stock motor can handle the voltage as long as your not trying to climb hills with it. Run it around about 15-30 minutes and touch it. If you can't keep your hand on it, it's to hot! If you mean "faster" because you want better acceleration you will need to upgrade the speed controller to one with a higher current rating first. Most carts hit the limit at 150-250amps. You can buy controllers that go as high as 1000 or more. This is hell on your motor though. Adding a (big) resistor in parallel to the field winding will also make the motor spin faster. This is called "field weakening" and it's used on series wound motors, like a golfcart has, to increase speed once the load drops. I can suggest modifications to suit your needs but remember, it's not free. Controllers can cost $100s and some even $1000. With the $1000 models you should figure in a few 100 more for the wheelie-bar your going to need. ;) There is no easy mod to get speed. No wires to cross, no jambing throttles. Sorry. -Jeff

-- Jeff Malsch (, June 12, 2004.

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