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ah.. this is a little confusing... I was searching the net for Peter chung and found out an Email story of a certain peter getting fired for boasting his libido through email that got over internet and to his bosses in korea...

I was quite amused that wow, peter would do that? as i read there was no reference to that peter being an artist or animator. plus the language used by that peter was very diferent than that used by Aeon flux creator peter. I think through this forum this should be cleared that they are not the same person. I respect peter's work and what i've have read through forums and internet, he seems a very humble and decent guy. I can still get along that peterchung actually did that and I still like and respect his work. But that would be SO UN FAIR to PETER CHUNG if his name similarity may cause him future disputes ( for instance PETER approaches a finance firm for a project, and they might take him for that particular peter, ) So this has to be cleared. i think. That peter is an investment BANKER. That is not ( aeon flux )PETER CHUNG. hey , he is safe. what a relief.( I was showing my friends animatrix and how great peter is and to think my friends would come to me with that Email story... I would have just said ' you jealous ***** ' :)

-- dan (, August 07, 2003



Well, he was supposed to be representing the Carter administration, not painting a nice picture for the Prez. This sort of thing wouldn't be tolerated until much later in the Clinton administration. It's good to be king.

-- barb e (, August 11, 2003.

You're right, Trevor isn't the right choice, it's an insult to compare him. Ilbren in Korea? Onan?

-- Barb e (, August 20, 2003.

Yeah, that got addressed on the forum a little while ago. Kinda funny huh?

-- Sam (, August 08, 2003.

I was searching to find that discussion but had no luck.. can someone point me to that topic. I want to know how peter feels about this. Because that other peter was way too " out of a Movie.. " you know.

-- dan (, August 08, 2003.

Don't worry. I'm sure there are 100's of Peter Chungs out there. Though an "evil twin" is fun to imagine. Stray plethora? ;-)

This Guy has a cool website...

-- Inu (, August 09, 2003.

This should have never have made to this forum. Hoaxes you don't reproduce to stop, you ignore them.

And anyway, what a stupid story. A guy mails his friends saying what a good time he is having, and is fired?

-- Ricardo Dirani (, August 11, 2003.

Bwahahaha, I never thought of that. Trevor in Korea :)) Peter's evil twin. But no, the guy is too yiiipie para ser o Trevor. Maybe a guy like that could *conceive* Trevor, hehehe. A more noble, uptight alter ego.

-- Ricardo Dirani (, August 15, 2003.

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