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I just baught Dazzle DVC 80 which came with Movie Star 5. Capures video ok but cannot capture audio. Any suggestion about set up or what wrong I could be doing. I installed and re installed the program and driver but still the same problem. thank you.

-- Friend of All (, August 06, 2003


I had the same problem -- but there is a setting PAL or something like NTSP (i forgot the exact )

just switch those and restart Dazzle -- I think that fixes it

-- art (, August 25, 2003.

I also recently bought that. During capturing, there is no sound only video from your pc. after capturing, open the avi file and both the audio n video shd be seen n heard.

Got a question here: a 10min AV creates a big avi file size >3GB. After compressing to MPEG1, the file size is still >200MB. IS there anyway to compress the mpeg file further to a size <<100MB??

many thanx!!

-- chelsey (, November 21, 2003.

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