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Looking for names and info on people of note -- preferably in community service or politics -- who came from or worked primarily in the Crocker Amazon or Exelsior neighborhoods. General historical info about the area would be useful, too. Thanks,

-- amy beinart (abeinar@bhnc.org), August 06, 2003


Jerry Garcia grew up in this neighborhood.

-- Sam Rubin (smolin5624@aol.com), November 01, 2003.

Hi! My family has lived in this area of the city for last three generations and I may be able to contribute some historical interest to you. The Excelsior is actually a very old neighborhood and was made up of small family- operated farms between 1880 -1920. They mainly had cabbage fields, fruit trees, and a few small livestock. Many small creeks ran through this area and many people who live here still have wells. Most of the people who lived here were Italians and Swiss. Geneva St. got its name because there used to be a lake, known as Lake Geneva, and many people in San Francisco would use the lake and Crocker Amazon area as a resort.After 1920, they began to create terraces in order create more homes in a small suburban environment within the city limits. Jerry Garcia indeed came from the Excelsior and he grew up on Lisbon Street.

-- Gabrielle O'Connell (gaboconnell@aol.com), November 14, 2003.

Cool Thread!

Jerry Actually grew up at 121 Amazon St. till age 5. After his dad died he moved to 87 Harrington St with his Maternal grandparents. He attended Epiphany, Denman, Monroe, and Balboa.

For more info: www.JerryDay.org

-- Thomas Murphy (Tom@MurphyFinancing.com), November 27, 2003.

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