Looking for Artistic nude models in Portland Oregon

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My name is Daniel Love and I am a photographer in the Portland, Oregon area. I am presently working on expanding my portfolio for showing in galleries or developing a book in the area of fine art female nudes both in the studio and in the environment. If this is something that might intrest you please check out my site at www.musecube.com/danieljlove and feel free to contact me. I would love to work on time for prints basis when possible, but will be happy to compensate monetarily instead.

I hope to hear from and work with you soon.

Thank you, Daniel

-- Daniel Love (nurselove@go.com), August 06, 2003


Hi Daniel, I need some new pics for my website. I need erotic type nudes and lingerie. Would you be interested in doing these, and do you have studio space? Would you do the photos on a time for print exchange? Please let me know, I would really like to get these photos soon. Thankyou very much for your time, erin green

-- erin lisa lindbergh (erin_green4U@hotmail.com), February 10, 2004.

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