sweet peas

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I planted some sweet peas for the first time and would like to plant more next year. I have noticed that pea pods are growing on the plants and would like to know how to harvest them? Should I just pick them and dry the seeds out and put them in a dry container for next year and then plant them in my garden? Please help.

Thanks, Lisa (vancouver, B.C.)

-- Anonymous, August 06, 2003


All you need to do is to harvest the dry pods, keep them in a protected, well ventilated area (like a garage) to let them finish drying. When the pods are brittle, shell them. The seeds are dry enough to store when the shatter when hit with a hammer. If they mash, continue allowing them to dry.

Store dry seeds in a cool, dry location. Stored in a sealed glass jar, with a bit of desiccant, in the back of your refrigerator would be perfect.

Good luck,


-- Anonymous, August 09, 2003

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